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Green Office Ideas: How To Set Up A Green Office Space In Bangalore?

September 19, 2022

Green Office Ideas: How To Set Up A Green Office Space In Bangalore?

Green Office Space in Bangalore
According to a 2015 Harvard study, 'Green offices encourage cognitive thinking, employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction,'. Research also suggests that eco-friendly office interiors, plants, and adequate ventilation can elevate mood by reducing mental fatigue and stress. If you're looking for a workspace, you might want to rent a green office space in Bangalore, considering all these benefits.

What is a Green Office?
A green office is designed on the concept of sustainability that is meeting our current demands without damaging the environment or compromising the needs of our future generations. As the world battles with critical climate change, rising consumption of natural resources, and disrupted energy supplies, embracing sustainability for corporate growth is a necessity today.

A green office is energy-efficient, resource-efficient, and environmentally responsible. It incorporates natural elements, like sunlight, greenery and organic products, etc., to encourage gratitude, responsibility, and kindness towards our environment.

Best Ways To Set Up A Green Office Space In Bangalore
Before finalizing a green office space for lease in the silicon valley of India, you might want to know what makes it unique and futuristic.

1. Formation Of A Sustainability Team
Appointing a team to establish and monitor sustainable goals that meaningfully engage employees. It creates opportunities for them to understand sustainability and collaborate to conserve the environment by sharing responsibilities.

2. Embracing Environmental Challenges
Embracing environmental challenges and finding ways to address them is the first step to achieving sustainability. Organizations set protocols to establish an eco-friendly, healthier, and conscious work environment. Giving weekly or monthly challenges (E.g. Carpooling to save fuel this month or observing no-paper November, etc.) makes it all the more fun.

3. Investing In Energy-efficient Equipment
Corporations install renewable energy sources (like rooftop solar panels, solar heaters, wind farms, etc.) and energy-saving equipment to cut down on electricity bills. Green equipment, like air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, etc., positively impacts the environment by avoiding large-scale waste generation.

4. Going digital
Replacing mundane paperwork with paperless transactions saves not only paper but also time and efforts of the team. Keeping fewer printers and fax machines is a great way to check paper usage in offices. Most companies also have a digital depository for record-keeping because they’re safe and easy to maintain.

5. Reducing & Recycling Office Waste
Having paper recycling bins in the office reminds employees to recycle paper. Organizations with gardens also set up a compost pit outside to recycle organic waste generated from offices. The resulting manure works as excellent fodder for plants. There are plenty of other ways in which offices reduce, reuse, and recycle materials. E.g., reusing old binders, replacing paper mugs with ceramic mugs, preferring mail reminders to sticky notes, etc.

6. Using Bio-cleaning Supplies
Office spaces use bio enzymes and organic products (like vinegar, cornstarch, soda, etc.) as cleaners because they’re non-toxic, cruelty-free, and have no ill effects on the planet.

7. Creating A Green Environment
Installing air humidifiers and fresheners, bringing in oxygen-generating plants, having large glass windows for natural sunlight, keeping separate dustbins for wet & dry wastes, using LED instead of bulbs or tube lights, etc., are some ways to create a green workplace.

8. Promoting A Sustainable Lifestyle
Organizations adopt multiple ways to promote a sustainable culture. E.g., encouraging employees to use glass bottles and steel lunch boxes, turning off the light switch when not in use, telecommuting whenever possible, and preferring organic snacks (fruits, juices, roasted peanuts, etc.) to packaged foods (biscuits, chips, soft drinks, etc.). Appreciating employees or offering them prizes and giveaways motivates them to practice a sustainable lifestyle.

Green buildings improve the habitable and professional environment of metropolises. The resulting social and economic dividends attract talented employees and clients to appreciate a brand and join the effort. You can enjoy several other benefits if you choose a green office space to rent.

The Benefits

  • Reduction, reuse, and recycling of natural resources cause significant energy and cost savings.
  • Reduced carbon emissions and less waste generation keep pollution-induced climate changes in check.
  • Employees working in green offices enjoy better work conditions. Harvard researchers also recorded 30% fewer cases of sickness at eco-friendly workspaces compared to non-certified buildings.
  • Sustainable offices promote sustainable lifestyles.


Searching for an eco-friendly office space to lease in Bangalore? The 'Great Place To Work' certified Brigade Group is renowned for using sustainable practices to develop Grade A commercial skyscrapers across South India. Their glass buildings and lush green campuses perfectly balance the indoors with the outdoors and are furnished with world-class amenities to foster a positive, collaborative, and interactive work environment for the team. Get in touch to book the office space of your dreams.


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