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Advantages of Sustainable Office Space in India

November 16, 2021

Green building or sustainable building has been a buzzword for quite some time now. What is a green building? It refers to a building that incorporates eco-friendly and resource-efficient processes at each stage of construction, from site selection and designing to operation and maintenance. Sustainable buildings create a healthy environment for you and your employees. There is a growing demand for office spaces for sale in India. Many real estate owners face challenges to incorporate environment friendly and resource- efficient processes at each stage of construction. But only a few real estate developers like Brigade Group have certifications to assure prospective buyers and occupants that a building is truly sustainable. Sustainability has become a strategic point for every business. In this blog, let us delve deep into the benefits of sustainable buildings.

1.Impact on Health of Employees

The use of non-toxic building materials has an impact on the health of employees. Green buildings at Brigade Group allow employees to breathe in the fresh air, creating a healthy working environment. This improves air quality and also reduces the chances of ailments and allergies. It also keeps the temperature levels neutral inside the office. With green features at commercial office space for rent, you can start to reconnect with nature.

2. Cost-Efficient

The green design in buildings helps reduce cost and increase efficiency. Some green features include natural lighting, use of landscaping and trees and designing a water collection system. By making use of solar panels on the building roofs can generate enough energy. The solar panels require less maintenance. The office buildings with water treatment plants and water harvesting systems can benefit your business, making it cost-efficient. By implementing energy-efficient steps, you can create a comfortable working environment. Therefore, selecting a green office is perfect for lowering your bills.

3.Enhanced Productivity

As your employees walk in at work, green features in the building make them feel more positive and there is no stress. At Brigade, all our commercial office spaces are equipped with lush landscapes and a rooftop garden where the employees can relax and chat with their co-workers. Thus, it helps them rejuvenate while allowing them to increase their productivity.

Brigade’s commercial real estate for lease comes with enhanced ventilation, efficient design, green elements, etc. If you are looking for office space for sale or to rent, Brigade has a wide range of eco-friendly commercial office spaces for corporates and start-ups.

Some of our top-notch commercial workspaces are:

  • WTC, Kochi
  • Signature Towers, Bangalore
  • Arcade at Brigade Meadows, Bangalore
  • Opus, Bangalore
  • Triumph, Bangalore
  • WTC, Chennai

All our office spaces for rent or sale feature Grade A specifications. Not only that, these office spaces have central air-conditioning and feature a zero-discharge waste design and rainwater harvesting. There is an ample parking space and a beautiful landscaped garden to cater to your business requirements. Choose a green office space from Brigade Group to elevate your business to the next level!


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