House decorating ideas for a rented property


House decorating ideas for a rented property

September 17, 2018

Home décor complements one’s way of life and if done well, creates a cozy cocoon where one can rest and de-stress till it’s time to transform into a social butterfly again. It is safe to say that your home décor is an extension of your style and personality. However, if you are living in a rented apartment, you often have to work within the boundaries set by your landlord. Read on for few foolproof house decorating ideas that give your space a fresh new outlook without affecting your security deposit.


Bring the outdoors into your home
Nothing can add a burst of life into your home like vibrant green plants. Plants are an excellent option for renters because they are affordable and can be easily moved around. While most people limit plants to just their balcony, they actually deserve a place in every room of your home. Plants in your living room and bedrooms can turn even the drabbest space lively. Small potted plants or flowers in your bathroom can add a personal touch to this often ignored area. You can even add fresh herbs to your kitchen for a splash of greenery that is also practical! 


Accessorise with light decor
Light décor is your go-to choice when you live in a rented home because they are easy to move. Light furniture such as cane sofas and chairs can also be personalised with colourful cushions. Cane furniture can also double up as outdoor furniture for your balcony, making them perfect for a rented home. Accessories like quirky cushion covers and patterned curtains, to statement centrepieces and way-out figurines, can bring out your unique personality. It is also advisable to get prior permission from your landlord while nailing the walls to hang up any form of décor. If nails are not an option, you can opt for sticky hooks that can be easily removed, or place your décor on shelves instead.


Disguise elements that you don’t like
The thumb rule of living in a rented accommodation is to work with what you have. Most security deposits come with a clause specifying that you can’t make permanent changes to the property. However, this doesn’t mean you have to make peace with elements that aren’t to your taste! You can easily hide flooring with large carpets and rugs. If you aren’t a fan of tiles, you can find stick-on tiles to cover them. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can hide unsightly grills or window frames, while also focusing on your privacy. Alternatively, you could centre your decor to showcase elements you don't like for exciting results! For example: If you have bright green tiles in your kitchen, you can use other shades of green in the kitchen decor to play it up in a more flattering way.


Find storage that doubles as decor
When you are living in a rented apartment, chances are you are short on storage. Adding extra shelves is out of the question because drilling holes could mean forfeiting your security deposit. Since you might not have a lot of extra space available for additional closets, you have to get creative with your storage solutions. Furniture that also doubles as storage can kill two birds with one stone. You could, for instance, use a trunk as a coffee table and also store old newspapers and magazines in it. An ottoman can go the extra mile by functioning as a centre table, extra seating and hidden storage. You can also find a bed that comes with storage to keep your linen and blankets in. With the right furniture, you can avoid clutter and become more organised!


Light it up
Most tenants tend to completely ignore the importance of good lighting. Warm lights not only set the tone of a room, but they also almost immediately uplift your mood. Instead of wall mounted lighting, opt for floor lamps or table lamps that do not require any drilling. You can also decorate your space with gorgeous trail lights. Frame a wall hanging with trail lights or simply form a cluster of them in a mason jar to instantly enhance the look and feel of the room. Lava lamps and neon lights with quirky quotes are huge trends that are both sophisticated and eccentric at the same time. Find a theme that defines your way of life and light up your space.


Create accent walls with wallpaper
An accent wall can immediately transform the look and feel of a room. It can bring an extra element of colour, brighten up your space and accentuate your decor. But when you aren’t allowed to paint your walls, an accent wall might only exist on your Pinterest board. This is where a roll of removable wallpaper can come in handy. This type of wallpaper can be easily peeled off a wall, leaving no trace of it behind. With the number of colours and patterns available, there’s one for almost any decor theme you might have in mind.

These house decorating ideas are guaranteed to upgrade your rented space till you take the step to invest in real estate and be a first time home buyer. If you are looking for the best investment options in the residential areas of Bangalore, Mysore and other leading cities of the nation, head out to the Brigade Group today! 


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