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Is your workspace ready for the future?

July 28, 2023

Decade after decade, sustainability is coming to the forefront of every business need and it is no different for commercial real estate. The industry is all set to embark on developments based on technology, newer norms, and flexible expectations. Hence the future-proofing of commercial real estate comes in a green, sustainable manner.

Commercial real estate futureproofing
Like any other industry, it is about time that the commercial real estate industry reshapes itself to embrace sustainability at its core. By future proofing a property, it simply means building spaces that can adapt to contemporary needs and simultaneously evolve on the basis of forecasted demands.

You can future-proof a building by –

Choosing plans/layouts that are flexible in configuration
Simply put, flexible configuration is the need of the hour. While demands and supply curves tend to skew, by laying down flexible plans, you can prevent your space from going obsolete. Despite the volatile changes in operational resources, there is nothing that spaces with flexible configurations can’t withstand. On the other hand, traditionally designed spaces have limited to no scope for utilisation with changing trends. Everything from changeable layouts to portable room dividers, or multipurpose spaces are a part of future-proofed workspaces. When futuristic objectives are laid out, it is best to have an accurate judgement of clients with the help of your designers.

Using highly-quality building materials to ensure durability
If there is anything more important than planning, it is the quality of materials used for executing your project. Apart from being highly durable, the property must be structured using sustainable materials and techniques that allow climate change management. Workspaces need to function 24*7, all year round; so it is rudimentary that they can adapt to the most adverse weather conditions without compromising on its framework. Hence, it becomes highly crucial to study the typography of respective areas and analyse anticipated climate threats. A future-proof building will be ever-ready to combat these risks at all times.

Using technology that allows an easy upgrade for optimization
When we speak of technological advancement in the real estate industry, it simply means adopting modern-day tools and softwares. In order to simplify everyday operations, workspaces should be able to facilitate ever-evolving technological sophistication. With time, even the most lucrative systems shut down and become obsolete. The solutions that once offered maximum efficiency, also come with expiration dates. It is therefore imperative to plan workspaces with replaceable technologies to match the requirements at large.

Design energy-efficient systems and renewable hybrid systems
Sustainability, as discussed, is here to stay. First, in order to reduce the overall energy consumption and second, to minimise the emission of greenhouse gases from the commercial real estate industry. The last few decades have seen a right shift of capital investment towards highly sustainable options like ‘green initiatives’ which has been the essence of Brigade Opus. Such energy-efficient workspaces lay a heavy focus on reducing the overall carbon footprint through renewable sources of energy. Thus, focusing on finding alternative sources of energy in order to future-proof a building can go a long way.

By taking the corrective measures, commercial real estate can be future-proofed, one building at a time. By investing in energy-efficient buildings, choosing durable and sustainable materials, and ensuring water conservation techniques, we can remodel the present-day scenario to the next level. With time, there will be a right shift in demand for sustainability in real estate. Brigade workspaces have reinvented most workspaces into sustainable properties that have resulted in positive outcomes like a reduction in overall energy consumption, and reduced carbon footprint from future-proofed commercial real estate.



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