Mindfulness At Work: Conquer Your Day With Productivity


Mindfulness At Work: Conquer Your Day With Productivity

April 16, 2019

The one thing we all can relate to is the stress of being on the job. We have targets to achieve, deadlines to meet and quality to uphold. And maintaining all of that can sometimes get the best of us and the stress just doesn’t let anything happen right. Even when we try to stay positive and mindful we are often targeted with less than desirable situations at work like an overbearing boss or colleagues who just add to your anxiety with rumours and gossip.

Staying mindful at work is very important. Your productivity, positivity and overall health depend on it. But we can’t deny that it is not always easy to be mindful with multiple distractions around us. So how do we stay mindful at work? Here are some easy ways:

  1. Meditate
    We have heard this a lot of times and it sure is a tried and tested formula! The way you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it. Giving yourself a good 20 minutes of unhindered meditation can ensure a relaxing and mindful day which in turns helps you keep your productivity in check.
  2. Avoid Social Media And News Before Breakfast
    We know it is a common habit for us to reach for our phones or TV remotes the moment we wake up to update ourselves with everything we missed while we were sleeping. But starting your day with any negativity (which is a very probable thing on the news) just makes you feel bad and dull from within. If you like having some sound around you while you do your morning chores, we suggest some light and peppy music!
  3. Focus On One Task At A Time
    However much we would like it multitasking isn’t always an efficient way of working. Your mind is in multiple places at the same time and you’re not giving your undivided attention anywhere. Take up one task, finish it to your best ability and then take up another one. This will not only make sure that your task list is getting done with, in an organised way but also keep your productivity and quality, right.

While these are a few ways of many to stay mindful, we come to an important question. How does being mindful at work help?  Some of the main benefits of being mindful are:

  1. Absorption Of More Info
    When you are being mindful at work you are a lot more alert and are able to take in more info and register it. These info-nuggets come handy later on and prove beneficial in your work, further.
  2. Stress Reduction
    A lot of people feel stressed at work and need help in dealing with it. When you are mindful at work you are aware of what is going on around you and analyse the situation better. This helps you stay in control of your environment and your actions and hence help keep stress at bay.
  3. Problem Solving
    Being mindful helps you free yourself from distraction and lets you think better. In a situation of a crisis being mindful can prove to be extremely useful and help you solve the problem at hand much more efficiently.
  4. Facilitates Creativity
    Getting back to the concept of mindfulness keeping distractions at bay, it also helps one thing more creatively. When there are no distractions in your head you have more time and space to come up with innovative ideas and think freely.

    With Stress Awareness Day just around the corner, let’s make is a point to help ourselves stay stressfree and more mindful. More than anything help your colleagues and contemporaries with the same and build a more stress-free work environment.

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