Millennial Parents & Their Role in the Workplace


Millennial Parents & Their Role in the Workplace

July 26, 2021

The workspace is witnessing a demographic change in its workforce with millennials and Gen Zs taking charge. However, another sub-demography, millennial parents, is gradually changing the face of the offices.

They are purpose-driven
Millennial parents have to multitask, taking care of the child, home, and their job. So, when they come to work, they pour their 100% and make the most of it. According to NBC News, 60% of employees say ‘the ability to do what they do best in a role is very important to them. Such purpose-driven employees lead the path to growth.

They encourage flexibility
Working mothers mostly leave their jobs but a Forbes study mentions that 67% of women would rejoin if they had flexible hours. The more flexible their working hours are, the better work-life balance they can achieve. And when the leaders fulfill the needs of the workforce, they win their loyalty and long-term relations.

They want stability
Parents seek a stable life with financial mental stability being their major goals. Switching jobs frequently is chaos they’d likely avoid and prefer staying at one company. This works in two ways for companies - one, they inspire their peers to endeavor stability, and two, companies garner loyal and hardworking employees.

They drive technological changes
When it comes to juggling family and work, technology is a big help for parents. Digital apps make their life much easier as technology helps them boost their productivity by saving their time for crucial tasks. They drive technological changes to adopt more useful tools to alleviate redundancies and make processes smoother.

They inculcate values
A corporation succeeds when it's driven by values and nurtures its community. And who better to inspire than working parents who know the importance of cherishing interpersonal relations. According to a Forbes article, millennial moms are proud to be working parents and see themselves as positive role models.

Millennial parents are the perfect harbinger of innovations while inculcating values in the system. Companies need to be mindful of their importance in driving overall growth.


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