Make Your Space Stand Out by Avoiding These 6 Home Decor Mistakes


Make Your Space Stand Out by Avoiding These 6 Home Decor Mistakes

March 30, 2022

Homes are the true reflection of your personality and sense of style. There is no rule book for creating a personal space that leaves a lasting impression. Modern, traditional, contemporary, shabby-chic or transitional, whatever may be your style, creating stellar interiors is all about balance.

When you bring in a synergy of aesthetics, functionality and comfort, you can avoid common home décor mistakes and make sure that your home does not look similar to others. Here are some interior decorating mistakes that could stand in the way of having a beautiful home:

1. Matching everything in the room
A common interior decorating mistake is when you extensively use the same colour, pattern or texture, which can make the space fall flat. Add some diversity to the room instead and coordinate the pieces better with a little imagination. You can stack items of varying height to the front and create layers or use multiple textures and shades that complement each other to add some dimension to the room.

2. Overdoing and adding too many pieces
Home décor does not mean overfilling the space with many furniture pieces. Alternating furniture pieces with open floor spaces can make the room seem harmonious. For that personal touch, go with pieces that mean something to you. Personal aesthetics trumps décor trends when it comes to design choices.

3. Not using different types of lighting in bedrooms
Having the perfect lighting configuration plays a pivotal role in creating the right ambience. Choosing only one type of lighting is a commonly seen bedroom décor mistake. Your bedroom should have the right mix of task and ambient lighting. Aim to use a combination of different light sources like floor lamps, ceiling fixtures or bedside lamps.

4. Not focussing on functionality while decorating
Another interior design mistake to avoid is losing focus on the main functions of the room when you decorate it. If the room serves the purpose of relaxation, prayer, work or entertainment, the décor pieces should reflect it. When choosing the furniture, be sure to make your space comfortable for you.

5. Following impractical kitchen décor trends
Kitchens are often the hub of activity in every home, and this is why you must add a personal touch to this corner of your house. A top kitchen décor mistake is choosing trends above functionality. Check if those marble or antique wood worktops work for you. Choose carefully between bold colors, gaudy decals and short backsplashes and whether having open shelves or distressed cabinets will help with the arrangement.

6. Creating theme rooms
Rooms with themed décor pieces can be fun and exciting. However, adding just a few elements of the theme of your choice across the room is a smarter thing to do. To avoid the feeling of getting stuck in the same space with inappropriate home décor pieces, use only few interesting elements like an accent color, colour coordinated carpets and curtains, or repeating the type of wood or leather.

With some pocket-friendly adjustments, you can revive any room and avoid these common home décor mistakes. The thoughtfully planned and spacious homes by Brigade Group will be the perfect canvas for your stunning décor ideas. Browse through our premium properties in the top residential localities of Bangalore, and other leading cities of South India.


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