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How your workspace defines your business

June 29, 2023

Workplace environment – a term that describes how well the workforce is aligned with company ethics. Investing in office spaces in modern times isn’t just about picking workspaces for 9 to 5 jobs. It now embraces everything from providing basic facilities to ensuring a high degree of employee satisfaction. Nowadays every company wants to offer the best employee experience to create the ultimate work ecosystem.

Here’s how your workspace can (re)define your business!

Higher Retention Figures At Work
A lot of times, when an organisation witnesses employees exiting at a high rate, it is a sign that something isn’t right and attrition is soaring high. This changes the overall climate of the organisation and consequently, a large amount of time, effort and money goes into hiring newer talent. But there is a way to prevent this – keep your employees happy in their place of work. Your workspace and what it offers can be a real game changer. Read on, to know how.

Better Talent Acquisition For Business
Millennials and especially the Gen-Z are highly inclined towards the overall balance of life. When a workspace is designed to offer vibes that align with your employees, it naturally turns into a professional habitat! Premium features, biophilic interiors, socialising zones, appetising food corners, and spaces for recreation are considered to be highly rated and preferred by the future workforce. Social media allows them to smartly showcase the fanciness of their office spaces across various platforms. Hence, it’s no surprise that an attractive workspace like Brigade Deccan Heights, is sure to attract the upcoming pool of candidates.

Efficient Resource Management
When workspaces are established, everything from their planning, and designing to seamless operations has an impact on the future of the earth. Hence there is a need to ensure an equilibrium between industrialization and the environment. With zero-energy buildings, energy consumption can be balanced with the energy released as they ensure minimised carbon emissions, optimal waste management and efficacious water harvesting systems. Hence, efficiently managing resources allows for cost optimization and utilising it elsewhere to keep your business up and running.

Creating A Strong Brand Identity
Various tech giants welcome their employees with exceptional workspace experience. And over time, workers start to thrive in them. Not only does this attract the highest-order PR practices but also passes on to the overall experience of customers/clients. An optimised experience is carried forward to further double customer engagement and acquisition of newer potential clients. Coming from a positive work environment makes all the difference.

Enhanced Elements Of Workspaces
Gone are the days when office buildings were structures to offer professional spaces. Being hygienic, and well-connected with amenities is the bare minimum. Modern-day offices go beyond the ordinary to offer an elevated sense of belongingness through a cohesive company culture. From the physical office space to facilitating service management like flexible seating systems, affect the employees. Next is technology without which contemporary workspaces would cease to exist. Last but not least, the human element in offices helps employees feel more connected and independent in making their own decisions.

Defining Brigade Workspaces
Understanding businesses across various industries and aligning them to a physical office space requires thoughtful planning and designing. Workspaces by Brigade have created an efficient world-class workspace environment that beautifully connects businesses to properties effortlessly. Brigade Triumph, Brigade Tech Gardens, and World Trade Centre (Chennai & Bangalore) are some of our most renowned projects in Bangalore.

If you are looking for a workspace that matches your business, click here!



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