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Integrated Township: Ideal spaces for a balanced life

June 6, 2022

Today, cities are getting increasingly crowded. Homebuyers are looking for dream spaces that offer comfort with ample amenities and easy accessibility at a reasonable budget.

An integrated township is a solution to all modern-day problems. These sophisticated real estate projects offer both residential and commercial complexes, including schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls, recreational centres, hospitals and more, putting all the wants and needs of urban families in a single space.

To put it another way, an integrated township is a terrific alternative for those who want to go beyond the traditional definition of 'home,' and stay in a self-sufficient community. Let's have a look at what the townships have to offer:

A closely-knit community

Integrated townships are a representation of a small urban ecosystem. Living in the same community brings like-minded families together — kids can make friends quickly. Hang-out zones such as playgrounds and swimming pools keep them entertained, all in a familiar and secure space. Neighbours can easily bond with each other while walking in parks or enjoying themselves at the clubhouse. Moreover, celebration times such as festivals make for great meetups for community residents to build healthy friendships.

Accessibility at the core

Time is invaluable. Having commercial complexes and office spaces well within walking distance help residents save travel time. Integrated townships can accommodate recreational parks, green landscapes, shopping complexes and more. So, residents get convenience at their doorsteps and live worry-free. Office spaces and corporate parks, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, police stations — almost everything is within easy access. There’s something for everyone in integrated townships.

Security you can rely on

The presence of residential societies and commercial complexes all in one place makes it crucial to ensure round-the-clock safety for the residents. Apart from the high-resolution CCTV cameras and guards, townships are integrated with advanced technology to bolster their security. Unauthorized vehicles are tracked and only granted access after a thorough security check up and confirmation with the resident. Automated streetlights, panic buttons and burglar alarms in residential units are an add-on.

Fits well within your budget

Affordability is one of the major factors that draw buyers to integrated townships. Such townships are largely located in the recently developed micro-markets and are not as expensive as the projects located in the heart of the city.

Enables sustainable living

With changing times, many people are inclining towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Integrated townships emerge as a perfect option for sustainable and healthy living with lush green landscapes, open spaces and several green initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, garbage segregation and more incorporated into the project design.

A place for a balanced lifestyle

Today, buyers are also particular about the amenities that come with a residential space. Swimming pools, arcades, gymnasiums, clubhouses, restaurants, play areas and gardens become spaces for social interactions. These recreational areas are just a stone’s throw distance, making a balanced lifestyle a daily choice.

In a world of competing priorities, individuals seek to spend time with the people and communities they value most. Brigade offers integrated townships that make access to daily needs and requirements seamless, so residents spend less time commuting and coordinating, and more time experiencing meaningful social interactions.


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