How Office Design Can Help in Making Employees More Productive


How Office Design Can Help in Making Employees More Productive

October 09, 2018

According to Carlton University, people spend one-third of their day cooped up in their offices making it essential for it to be a place that they want to work at, and not just a place where they are forced to come.

Believe it or not, office design subconsciously or consciously impacts moods or the energy of an individual on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to have a workspace that enables creativity, freedom, and positivity because only then employees feel happy and find a reason to set foot in the office every day.

Investing in a good office space is not simply about aesthetics, but is all about solving problems and goes much beyond attending to an organization's basic issues. We’ve put together three of our most important tips in choosing an office space which will help to improve the overall productivity of the employees.


Green Design
Researchers from Michigan State University have found that working in an office that is poorly lit and ventilated has negatively impacted learning and memory performance which has ultimately led to poor health.

This is where having a vertical green wall in your office campus or terrace gardens etc. which are some popular biophilic options could come into the picture and help the employees.


Well Lit and Spaced Out
Another important quality of an office space is that it has to be spacious so that employees can move around and let their creativity flow. An office design that is well spaced out can lead to better innovation and collaboration. According to the Steelcase Global Report office spaces that enable creativity generally, attract the best talent. As humans, we are social animals and crave acceptance. An office space that enables employees to move around would indirectly impact their mood in a positive way. Moreover, good office lighting is a necessity as it affects employee productivity more than one can imagine. So, keep in mind that when looking for the perfect office space - Look for natural light and a spacious setting to ensure maximum results.


Open Ceilings
Imagine working at an office which has dim lighting and a claustrophobic appearance. Now imagine an office which has fantastic lighting and is well designed with barely any difference between the ceiling and the ground. Design reports have proven that employees working at an office with open ceilings generally feel more positive coming to work even if the space does not have any sunlight coming through.

Brigade Commercial realize the importance of design and how simple details can make a difference. Our offices are located in prime locations across South India and are built with a strong focus on sustainability, wellness, and convenience of its occupants. Although, the underlying question remains the same: How are you making use of design to enhance employee happiness, productivity, and creativity?

If you haven't, you should start now.


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