What makes more cash flow: Commercial / Retail / Residential?


What makes more cash flow: Commercial / Retail / Residential?

April 13, 2023

Real estate investments stand tall as one of the most lucrative options in finance, and efficient cash flow management is paramount for success in this sector. In this blog, we will explore how higher positive cash flow is typically maintained in commercial, retail, and residential real estate investment and demystify the myriad factors influencing investment in commercial, residential, and retail properties.

Cash flow determines the profitability of the investment; it refers to the money generated from the rent collected after deducting taxes and other operating expenses. Cash flow can be positive if income exceeds expenses or negative if expenditures exceed inflow. To discerning investors, a positive cash flow is essential to generate a stable income; therefore, they prefer investing in properties after carefully considering their location, age, pricing, market, and management. Investing in an office space in Bangalore is common for the same reasons.

Factors affecting cash flow in commercial properties:

  1. Facility management: Thorough inspection of the maintenance costs and adequate maintenance measures in the property will ensure your money is secure and the cash flow is positive, meaning that the property is of good value and yields higher returns. The location, infrastructure, property size, etc., play a vital role. These factors also classify the class of commercial properties.
  2. Credit terms: It is crucial to ensure your cash flow is not affected by credit terms that affect profitability through delays in the payment schedule by the buyers. The credit terms you establish dictate the time frame allotted to make payments. Trade discounts can help regularise payments.
  3. Credit policy: While dictating payment policies to businesses, the clarity and transparency of terms and conditions are vital. The policy stated during the purchase must be neither stringent nor too lenient.

Factors affecting cash flow in the retail business:

  1. Renovation expenses: Retail properties often require frequent alterations as they are typically stores, malls, complexes, etc. the expenditure on modifying these spaces each time a tenant leaves has a significant impact on the cash flow generated.
  2. Facility management: The maintenance of the property is a core Factor affecting cash flow in the retail business because it impacts the operating expenses of the retail property. It is easy to generate a higher income with retail properties; however, the cash flow can easily fall negative due to its maintenance costs, especially in the case of remodifying.
  3. Additional expenses: When investing in retail real estate, it is necessary to ensure the property is fast-moving, as rental vacancies can lead to reduced cash flow. Identifying the highest expenses and reducing them everywhere possible can impact the cash flow. Inventory expenses can sometimes lead to additional expenditures while maintaining stores.

Factors affecting cash flow in residential properties:

  1. Facility management: Residential properties such as apartments and houses can be subject to rapid cash flow changes based on where the property is situated, the infrastructure around the property, the security systems administered, the water facilities, the electricity consumption, etc. Facility management is an influential aspect of residential property cash flow because it can aid in reducing maintenance costs, enhancing tenant satisfaction, and attracting renters, resulting in a more stable and lucrative cash flow.

To answer the question, Real estate alone is an asset that generates high returns on investment when held over a long period. Compared to retail and residential real estate, commercial property investments are more profitable due to their prime locations, long-term lease agreements, and tenants with high creditworthiness; however, retail and residential properties can also generate positive cash flow but entail several additional expenses. In metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, a commercial space for rent holds significant value due to the increasing number of businesses. Investing in commercial properties by Brigade Groups can be an excellent choice for those looking to generate high cash flow in real estate through properties in highly accessible areas with state-of-the-art infrastructure to cater to modern business prerequisites. So why wait? Invest in a trusted commercial property with Brigade and reap the benefits of positive cash flow and financial security.


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