Three Simple Energy Saving Initiatives To Power Change in the Workplace!


Three Simple Energy Saving Initiatives To Power Change in the Workplace!

December 20, 2018

Office buildings represent approximately 17 percent of energy use in commercial buildings nationwide and consume the maximum amount of energy than any other building type. Therefore managing business energy usage & ensuring that it is as efficient as possible can positively impact a business. Reducing energy wastage & making the use of it economical can bring down business energy costs to a huge extent & provide additional funds that can be saved or reinvested back into the business. Here are three simple hacks, one can apply in the office and reduce energy consumption –

Energy Saving Reward Campaign
While this hack may seem like the most obvious one, one would be surprised to know the amount of energy consumed by computers, printers & laptops sitting unused but switched on. The best way to ensure that employees switch off their computers before leaving the office could be to start an energy saving reward campaign. Nothing inspires action better than a little competition and incentive. An energy saving competition like this could encourage employees to conserve energy in the workspace & also cut down on business costs in the most effective way.       

Use Low Energy Lights
Energy-efficient lighting is not only a smart way to lower energy costs during the short term but its extended service life will also help businesses save in the long run. Energy-efficient lighting not only consumes at least 75 percent less energy but also lasts 50 times longer compared to the average incandescent lighting. Employing such practices in the offices can help businesses save massively & make the office space more sustainable. 

Pick an Energy-Efficient Office Space
Another foolproof and effective way to reduce energy consumption in the office would be to choose a sustainable and energy-efficient office. Business owners could look at leasing or buying office spaces that come with solar panels or windows that bring in natural light that could be better for their business in the long term. Natural light also makes an office space a more productive one which is an added benefit for businesses.

At the heightened pace of emerging technologies, the goals of energy efficiency need to be embedded in the companies culture for businesses to start being responsible. These steps will surely lead businesses on a path toward better energy management. 


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