Picking a commercial workspace that's right for your business


Picking a commercial workspace that's right for your business

October 28, 2022

Picking an office location can impose a big challenge for businesses if not done correctly. It is important to consider a few questions mainly because the slightest mistake can have severe repercussions on the image of your business.

Determine how to pick the right workspace for your business -

Purpose: How much space does your workforce and business need?
It is very important to align your business needs with the location. It should be taken into consideration and prioritized that the employees thrive in a working environment to produce desired results. After all, they are giving their time and energy to a space at least twice a week. The office space should be aligned with your brand’s future needs and not just the current scenario.

How well does the brand you work for resonate with your workspace?
Your business is the label your employees carry with them. With that in mind, a location must be considered with an understanding that it represents your brand on so many levels. The workspace isn’t merely a jam-packed collection of cubicles and workstations. It reflects your taste and is a sign of how well the company is doing. Sourcing a professional interior designer will create a spacious, well-planned workspace that offers an exciting yet welcoming vibe.

How cost-effective is the office space in terms of rent and services?
Ensure that all kinds of upfront costs are considered before signing a lease such as rent, infrastructure, property insurance, moving expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses. It is advisable to hire a broker to help you map out everything strategically. These service charges on commercial workspaces play a vital role in running day-to-day operational management. Charges such as daily cleaning, minor repairs, parking, backup generators etc. are added expenses that can imbalance your budget. With planned fixed costs, you can accommodate the variable cost conveniently.

What location in the city is best suited for your business needs?
The location of your business is majorly predetermined by the kind of business or industry your business falls under. Considering a socially active day at work, a place with a limited space can’t be considered ideal with a day that is packed with all-day in-person meetings/events. It is advisable to pick a location that is fairly accessible by your employees as a long, exhausting commute might further push your employees to another organization.

Is your commercial space beneficial in attracting clients and buyers?
It is imperative you consider the comfort of your clients in terms of their experience and accessibility. With the ever-rising cost of commute and travel, clients should be convinced that moving to your office site is worth their time and effort. If you only consider the budget and pick a location in a suburban area over an urban-centric location, then it might cost you the loss of some clients.

In conclusion, one major question that you must ask yourself is “does your business offer adaptability and flexibility in the era of changing times?” Any workspace can be improved and designed to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity by the employees. The idea is to create an ecosystem that drives results and goals with the perfect balance of work and play. With a plethora of commercial workspace choices, it is essential to cater to your business vision as a whole and this list of questions is going to make it easier to pick a place for your business.



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