Do tech-savvy people prefer working in the office?


Do tech-savvy people prefer working in the office?

September 28, 2021

During the lockdown, work from home seemed to be a convenient alternative and everybody sensed a paradigm shift towards remote work. However, tech-savvy people whose work relies on high-end systems and more sophisticated software, realized what they are lacking - the office environment and updated systems. A traditional workspace has certain advantages over WFH which cannot be disregarded. Let’s have a look at some of the more pertinent reasons why.

1. Technological advantages
The biggest advantage for any technoid in the office is access to advanced and seamless technology. The multidimensional benefits of integrated office systems cannot be overlooked elsewhere. For instance, you have an uninterrupted, fast internet connection and access to systems and services like printers, conference rooms, projectors, etc. Employees can deliver better output if they have the apt technological tools and resources.

2. Collaboration for higher efficiency
According to a JLL article, Asia has the highest young-employee population in the world1. This younger workforce is agile and wants to stay productive always, hence, the fastest way to accomplish tasks is through collaboration. This collaborative culture allows sharing thoughts and ideas, leading to better and faster decision-making.

3. Peer learning
People who work together often develop ‘exchange relationships’ via discussions. They believe in collaborating, sharing, and discussing ideas that boost cogitation as well as interpersonal skills. Working at home curbs the exposure of peer learning, thus, reducing the chances of personal growth. Office space provides the perfect platform to effectuate such conversations and develop that bond, which is difficult to nurture virtually.

4. An office is an office
Lastly, remote work has accentuated the fact that an office is designed strategically to induce productivity. In a study conducted in the Asia Pacific region (India, Singapore, Australia, China, and Japan), 2/3rd of employees under the age of aged 35 said they missed the office1. The mental divide between work and personal life is crucial to proliferate creativity, which only a workspace can offer.

To conclude, the culture of working from the office is going to stay. Be it, tech-savvy employees or teams that are required to be high-functioning, people will always prefer working from the office. Hence, as we advance towards the post-pandemic era, it’s important for us to restructure, redesign, and re-calibrate workspaces to be more inclusive, open, and productive.


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