How To Incorporate Outdoor Spaces Within The Office


How To Incorporate Outdoor Spaces Within The Office

August 21, 2019

In the past decades, there have been numerous innovations when it comes to office spaces. From single-use spaces to mixed-use to the natural design concept to active spaces, organizations are also adding many amenities like medical attention rooms, common areas and free food for their employees.

Among the myriad of workspace innovations, a new concept of incorporating the outdoors as part of the office space for employees to catch a break from the hectic work has started to gain immense popularity.

Why do we need to incorporate the outdoors in a workspace?
The need for such a concept arose from the idea of bringing about multiple benefits to employees and business owners alike. Having an outdoor office does not necessarily mean setting up the entire office outside but have certain spaces outdoors that help employees be inspired by a stimulating environment. This has become the new model for an ideal office. Such office spaces help employees get a chance to reconnect, commune with nature and increase productivity, mental wellness, physical well being, hence resulting in the company’s success. The incorporation of natural elements in an office is known to help employees cope with stress as the office environment is perceived to be fresher and positive.

Also, companies are making great efforts to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Be it a living bio-wall like the one at Brigade Opus in Hebbal, Bangalore or just having more plants in and around the office, organizations are embracing sustainability and more energy-efficient ways to operate.

How Can One Do So?
Some of the few ways to incorporate the outdoors within an office space would be to have decor that is more eco-friendly like having wooden furniture or indoor plants in the office. Another effective way would be to look for commercial spaces that have elements like trees or an amphitheater outdoors for employees to sit and brainstorm to inspire creativity and fresh thinking.

At Brigade, some of our developments conveniently blend the outdoors in the workplace. For instance; the lush green amphitheatre at Brigade Magnum that allows employees to relish the benefits of nature at their workplace itself, the 100-year old banyan tree at Brigade Tech Gardens, an iconic spot for employees to enjoy their quick work breaks and the stunning terrace gardens at Brigade Opus, that lets the tenants at the space not only enjoy fascinating views but also breathe in some fresh air.

Initiatives like these are necessary for organizations to encourage a sustainable way of operations and to keep their employees happier and more engaged.


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