Three Things Every Working Parent Can Do To Achieve Work-life Balance


Three Things Every Working Parent Can Do To Achieve Work-life Balance

November 14, 2018

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Parenting is a full-time job by itself, yet many juggle a full time position along with their personal responsibilities. With every family being unique and different, it is rather clear that there is no universal formula for finding work-life balance. However the benefits of it are many as it can prevent burnouts at work, help one spend quality time with their children & build relationships.


Have a Set Vision
Achieving balance does require a bit of effort but it can make a big difference. Prioritising at work and maintaining a set schedule can help a great deal in reducing the burden and also give one enough time with their family. Whatever one’s vision may be, thriving as a working parent may also involve delegating and finding quick fixes at work without compromising the quality of it. In such situations, a strong organiser effectively juggles the challenges of being a working parent by proactively accommodating their child’s needs and job responsibilities.


Find Better Working Arrangements
Being a working parent itself is challenging, therefore it makes sense to look out for family-friendly work environments. Choose an office address that comes encompassed with family friendly policies/ childcare centres that could aid in ones quest in finding balance at home and work. For instance – some of Brigade Groups office developments such as Signature Towers at Old Madras Road, Brigade Magnum in Hebbal & Brigade Gateway in Malleshwaram are good examples of child-friendly work environments as these offices have successfully included the KLAY facility within its office vicinities. KLAY is India’s largest chain of high quality preschools and day care and has been implemented in various corporate houses across India. Such amenities within a workspace could easily help one manage their parenting responsibilities alongside work.


Put Work to Rest
Switching off from work can get difficult due to deadlines and unending work duties however it may enable one to freely connect with their children if they can put work to rest at home. Simple mindfulness techniques may help in reducing thoughts about work and thinking about their family. For example – listening to music while on the way home, exercising or having a daily ritual with ones child, something as simple as talking to them about their day at school will influence this process to a great extent.

Overcoming the challenges of being a working parent is a tough personal challenge for anyone, regardless of their age or experience. Like most business problems, it has no permanent fix, but anything is possible if one can stay focused! 


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