Colour colour, which colour do you choose?


Colour colour, which colour do you choose?

February 25, 2019

Choosing the right colours for your home can be a daunting task. Going over the different catalogues, nit-picking the hues and shades, and coordinating the tones with your furniture, can all be quite taxing. As difficult as it may seem, choosing the right shade of paint for your house is a crucial aspect that requires considerable time and thought. The look you decide to give to your house has a significant impact on your overall wellness as different colours induce varied physiological and psychological effects. Every room in your house should be painted in accordance with the energy you want to create in that room.

Below are a few colours to work with:

The colour of calm – Blue
A room with monochromatic shades of blue exudes calmness and a sense of peace. Use different shades of blues, light and dark to decorate your bedroom. You could, for example, select a darker shade of blue for the walls and a lighter shade around the trims and the ceiling. Shades of blue and green also work well in compact spaces as they make the room look large. Complement these shades of blue silver accessories like candle stands, wall clocks, or cushions. Brown bedding and curtains are paired well with blue walls.


The colour of happiness – Yellow
One of the brightest colours on the spectrum, yellow depicts happiness and optimism. It is an energizing yet warm colour that is well-suited for the kitchen and dining area. Yellow walls elegantly complement white cabinets and wooden furnishing. Adding green indoor plants in colourful vases like purple can add a vibrant touch to space.


The colour of relaxation – Beige
Neutral shades like off-white and beige bring about a sense of relaxation and comfort. Beige has lately become the designer’s favourite colour. It creates a space that looks minimalistic, simple, and serene. Hues of beige work well in a living area. These neutral shades are flexible and can be paired with shades of brown and blue to give your living room an earthy look.


The colour of sharpness – Grey
Shades of grey and white exude emanate a strong sense of elegance and chicness. These colours are well-suited in office spaces, helping create an energy of calmness and focus. Choose shades of grey for your office walls, complemented with silver or white accessories like desks, chairs, or wall-mounted mirrors.


The options are many! We suggest you start with choosing a colour scheme for the entire house, paying detailed attention to the kind of energy you want to create in each room.

It is colours that add life and warmth to one’s house and personality. Whether it is your first home as a real estate investment or a weekend getaway in the outskirts of a bustling city, find your dream home at the Brigade Group with world-class amenities and top-notch construction. However, the endless years of precious memories in it are complimentary! 


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