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The future of residential real estate

April 26, 2023

With traditional urban spaces growing at the rate it is, cities are falling short of meeting development potential requirements, and, as a result, are becoming very crowded. Access to resources has become distinctly more difficult in these years, and the long-standing Indian tradition of close-knit communities is starting to dissipate.

Integrated townships, like Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, aim to bring back simpler times to this new era with ultra-modern amenities, intelligent management systems, and sustainable design. Integrated townships are a cluster of housing and commercial spaces with associated infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, and convenient shopping centres. These spaces come together to form a miniature self-sustaining urban ecosystem. Apartment complexes like Brigade Calista give the freedom of a luxurious lifestyle with world-class amenities under one roof.

Brigade Laguna addresses the need for spacious and well-designed homes, providing elegant 2, 3, and 3.5 BHK residences that prioritize comfort and modern living. The project's thoughtful planning and integration of lush green spaces foster a sense of harmony with nature, making it a haven for residents seeking respite from the city's hectic pace.


Integrated townships are, above all, convenient. Imagine this: your office, a cineplex, a retail complex and your apartment- all within walking distance of each other. Integrated townships like Brigade Cornerstone Utopia are just that; all the spaces that you need in one place. From efficiently planned roads, water treatment plants, drainage and sewage systems to providing a plethora of lifestyle amenities such as, a clubhouse, swimming pool, spa etc. This project offers you nothing short of everything.

This future-ready project also comes with its infrastructure to maintain this lifestyle- with roads, supermarkets, water treatment plants, drainage and sewage systems in check. Situated in Whitefield, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia caters to your basic requirements like reputed educational institutions, hospitals, and tech parks near the project while maintaining an agreeable distance from city hassle. It’s an urban society of convenience, built specifically with you in mind.

Investment Potential in Integrated Townships

There is a marked lack of residential density in most major cities in India. So to expand the urban sprawl, the various governments are promoting integrated townships by easing the development criteria for such projects.

With a new master plan in all major cities to expand their boundaries, integrated townships primarily built close to city outskirts are bound to get more incentives. Moreover, since they provide a more holistic living environment, they are good investment opportunities for new and old homebuyers. They provide the homeowners with a holistic and more sustainable way of living, because of which they are increasingly known as the “optimal new-age residential format.” From the closeness of a community to luxury, there are many advantages to integrated townships.

With so many new projects cropping up all over the city, the skyline has never looked more clustered. Integrated townships are the perfect solution. They are large and capacious while not betraying the cosiness of a home. At Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, we promise tranquillity in the city- the perfect way to find freedom and quietude of the countryside.

The lifestyle

Integrated townships are cost-effective and fetch you far more than what the average apartment can. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia affords you a holistic lifestyle with easy access to neighbourhood shopping, medical facilities and every other necessity and luxuries you can imagine.

The project is a safe and secure space to let your children grow. With swimming pools, daycare centres, playgrounds, sports facilities, schools, and green spaces keeping the scenery beautiful and the children occupied, there’s no better place to live with your family. All this at a fantastic bargain price.

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is an excellent answer to future uncertainty with lots of free space and grocery stores within the walls; residents will always have close and safe access to their essential shopping. Integrated townships are a great way to lead a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle and promise something for everyone. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia aims to achieve this by ensuring all that you need and want is available inside the project, thereby helping you make the most of your life for less.

Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is a smart, holistic, integrated and sustainable community that caters to commercial office spaces, retail, and entertainment and to all residential user types from studio, small families and large families.

Find out more about our latest project here: https://www.brigadecornerstoneutopia.com/

You can also take a 3D virtual tour here: https://www.brigadecornerstoneutopia.com/3d-virtual-tour.php


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