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Real Estate Investments for NRIs

January 29, 2021

After spending years in a foreign land, NRIs often dream of spending their post-retirement life in their home country. The pandemic has changed the real estate industry in a wide range of ways, and these new developments are of particular interest for NRIs. The pandemic resulted in an unfortunate loss of employment for many overseas Indians, leading to them heading back to their hometowns. This influx has contributed to the rising trend of NRI investment in real estate. Despite the upending of the real estate industry by the pandemic, it has shown exceptional tenacity against unprecedented odds. India has successfully initiated its mass vaccination programme, things are slowly returning to normalcy, and the real estate industry is looking up. According to a recent report by the Indian Brand Equity Fund, this sector is expected to incur a large number of NRI investments, with Bangalore being the most favoured investment destination for NRIs, followed by Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Dehradun.

Buying real estate can often be a challenging prospect when one is living outside the country. However, it has proven to be among the most valuable and worthwhile places for NRIs to place their buck. Here are some reasons why NRIs should invest in real estate now!

Creates a sense of security
In the current context of fluctuating and volatile markets, real estate offers a relatively stable investment opportunity to NRIs. Moreover, a range of watershed reforms such as RERA, GST, and other measures have promoted a sense of confidence among NRIs to invest in India's real estate. Besides attractive investment returns, investing in real estate also enables NRIs to have a secure living situation, when they return upon retirement. With a relatively speculation free
market that has held its ground in harsh conditions, real estate proves to be the perfect safety net
for most NRIs worldwide.

Attractive payment plans
Investing in property can often be a frightening prospect when one is outside the country. However, developers offer flexible payment plans to put these fears to rest. These schemes can enable buyers to save up to 5-6% while avoiding a massive dent in their pocket at the time of purchase. A range of benefits, such as low prices, discounts and incentives, makes real estate an attractive NRI investment option.

Easy Availability of Loans
Home loan interest rates are currently lower than they have been in decades, thereby enabling buyers to avail loans easily and buy their dream property. The dropping of the repo rate in the past year has further enhanced home loans' easy availability, as research indicates that the repo rate is inversely proportional to growth in the real estate industry. With cheap interest rates and easily accessible loans, there appears to be no better time to dive deep into the real estate market and capitalise on these attractive prospects.

Quality Properties
As NRIs continue to be a significant part of the Indian real estate landscape, developers create their properties to cater to the NRI sensibility. They increasingly realise that NRIs take a fancy to properties that resemble their resident countries' living circumstances. The pandemic and the subsequent weeding out of most fly-by-night real estate operators have made it safer for NRIs/OCIs to buy properties in India. Today, developers offer an abundance of amenities and facilities that enable luxurious living. Moreover, enhanced security features in complexes allay the fears associated with shifting to a new country after several years of living elsewhere.

The transition back to one's homeland can often be challenging, and investing in real estate can help enable a seamless shift. From being a relatively stable asset to allowing a sense of security, real estate offers a wide range of attractive benefits that NRIs cannot ignore. By investing in real estate, NRIs are investing in a security-blanket, ready to welcome them back to their homeland!


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