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How do Luxury Amenities evolve your living experience?

March 17, 2023

When you buy a home, you aren’t just buying four walls. You’re buying an experience. An experience that will remain with you for years to come. Keeping that in mind, at Brigade, we offer many luxury amenities that go beyond just the basic facilities to ensure our residents’ living experiences are met with comfort and satisfaction. The developers considered the importance of an experience and a luxury lifestyle when developing the project Brigade Calista

Our residential projects are designed with one purpose in mind – to have everything our residents would want right at home. We’re going beyond the typical offerings with our thoughtfully designed clubhouses, sprawling green landscapes giving way to peace of mind, and retail outlets within residential developments allowing for convenience.

Gone are the days where you need to cramp into small apartments to live closer to the inner city – not when you can get everything at home. As you can see, we’re not just offering a residential space but rather a world-class lifestyle habitat. With the right amenities, residents would feel luxurious comfort right at home without the need to venture outside - into the city that is polluted, noisy and time consuming.

There are so many reasons why our luxury amenities help evolve the living experience:

  • Create a sense of community

    With multiple amenities such as shopping centers, theatres, areas to play together, open lawns and parks – they provide spaces for residents to gather and interact together. This gives way to a sense of community and belonging.
  • Enhance their physical health

    Our sports centers offer various facilities that would allow even those who hate exercise to prioritize their health. For the walkers, we have beautiful landscapes that are a sight for sore eyes. For those looking for fun in their exercise routine, jogging with their feline friends in the residential dog park is something they would enjoy. For the group sports enthusiasts, our basketball and other sports courts will offer them the most benefit. And of course, the traditional gym goers will find the best in our centers. Purchasing a Brigade property is like investing in your health.
  • Improve mental well-being

    Brigade offers a gated community lifestyle with luxurious amenities that wouldn’t require you to go into the city. Providing an escape from the city, these amenities allow you to leave your stress and worries behind. Happy residents make a happy community. The last thing any resident wants is for their home to cause any form of stress, and thus, with such amenities, they’re able to feel a lot more at ease. Being able to keep calm and happy contributes to your overall mental health.
  • Improves family life

    As we already mentioned, people purchase a home with the intent of living there a long time and perhaps, raising a family. Such luxury facilities and amenities enhance that experience. When there are amenities for children to get together to play and learn, it allows for more robust possibilities.

Have a look at our Brigade projects to understand how our luxury amenities improve the quality of life and allow for an enhanced living experience.


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