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Key Points You Should Consider While Looking for A New Office Space

July 7, 2022

When you think of an office space, you tend to visualize the serene environment, modern interiors, comfy cubicles, and proper ventilation. A good office space covers it all.

According to Statista, the vacancy rate of office spaces in Bangalore has tripled in comparison to the year 2019. Commercial real estate for lease gains a positive momentum in 2022. Tech-city Bangalore is the largest office market in India. According to a new report, the net absorption forecast for 2022 of Bangalore’s office market is estimated to be equal to that of Beijing at 8 million sq. ft. The Information Technology (IT) sector is the key driver of Bangalore’s office market, which is growing in leaps and bounds. Therefore, commercial real estate is moving towards growth.

Features to Consider When Choosing a New Office Space

  • Brand Identity
    The office space plays a critical role when it comes to your brand identity. It reflects your company’s brand and its personality. The office space design should inspire your employees. It also should boost the morale of the team to deliver their best every day.
    The office design is crucial to developing a strong company culture. Studies show that colourful office spaces stimulate innovative ideas. So, choose the most efficient workspace for your employees.

  • Be Aware of Invisible Costs
    When you search for office space keep in mind that expansion and accommodating new staff members in the future should also be considered. Are there any other costs for restoration, extra furniture, parking, and painting? Consider hidden costs and future costs when you calculate costs for renting. It is wise to do a comparison with other office spaces to ensure you get the best deal.

  • Location and Easy Accessibility
    Ensure that office space is easily accessible for your employees. Ask these questions before deciding on office space for rent:

    Is your office space located in a prime location in the city?
    Is your office well connected to bus stops and metro stations?
    Does your office building have ample parking space for your employees?

    Remember, location is a vital factor when selecting an office space. Do you know why location is very important for any business? If your office space is accessible to both public and private transportation, your employees and clients can locate your office with great ease. So, choose a coveted location which has access to transport facilities.

  • Size of Your Company
    Remember, one size does not fit all. Every business is distinctive and has different office space requirements. If your company grows in leaps and bounds in the future, you need more space to accommodate your new employees. So, look for scalable office space in terms of layout and design.

  • Cutting-edge Infrastructure
    The infrastructure of your office has a great impact on your employee’s productivity. There should be conference rooms that are equipped with all the facilities to conduct meetings with your clients. In addition, the office should have a dedicated postal address. The other facilities include the lobby area, lifts, ample parking space, and well-planned, 24/7 professional security. Ensure that your office has a reliable internet connection or WiFi.

  • Plan Your Budget
    Determine how much you are going to spend on your new office space. Are you prepared to scale up? Plan your budget and make sure it does not go over your allotted budget. Whether you opt for a lease or monthly renting option, other expenditure includes improvement, furniture, and equipment, should also be taken into consideration.


Why Choose Brigade Group as the First Choice for New Office Space in Bangalore?
Brigade Group is the leading real estate developer in India. So, take advantage of Brigade whether it is office space in Whitefield, Bangalore, or office space for rent in Kochi. The office buildings are built by some of the best-known architects and carry Grade A specifications. We have developed many landmark buildings and transformed the skyline of cities across South India.

Here is a list of our office spaces in Bangalore.

  1. Signature Towers at Brigade Golden Triangle on Old Madras Road, East Bangalore
  2. The Arcade at Brigade Meadows in Kanakapura
  3. Brigade Opus, Brigade Senate 2, and Brigade Magnum in Hebbal
  4. Brigade Triumph and The Arcade at Brigade Orchards in North Bangalore
  5. Brigade Tech Gardens in Brookefield
  6. Brigade Deccan Heights in Yeshwanthpur


These office spaces are the perfect destination for modern businesses to propel your business to the next level. Reach out to us for your office space requirement so that you can create a workplace that is vibrant and full of life!



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