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Strengthening your connect with commercial workspaces

February 17, 2023

Picking a commercial workspace is a crucial choice for running a successful business. From revoking models that are based on hallway and cafeteria discussions to designing gigantic outdoor areas, workspaces are designed to spark collaboration with innovation and subconsciously lure employees into blending in with the company culture.

Like the Silicon Valley of the U.S.A, the Silicon Valley of India along with several other cities now observes high-end commercial property establishments that are witnessing a strong correlation between interactions and performance. There are several factors that need to be considered to create an optimal environment that moves people. Let’s understand how businesses can grow along with their employees in contemporary times.

Build workspaces that augment engagement
As per an article, the 3 major elements of effective communication are exploration, engagement and energy. We need to create an environment that favours the 3 elements to achieve what is expected. It is important that the employees ‘collide’ in a well-designed office that ensures proximity and social culture. Despite the ease of connecting with colleagues over emails, the digital workspace observes a decrease in engagement with an increase in physical distance. The data suggests that building a channel of encounters and unplanned interactions between knowledge workers, within and outside the company, boosts productivity. Hence, face-to-face engagements enhance performance significantly.

Cutting-edge workspace designs
Despite there being no major change in the physical structure of our workspaces, the technology running the businesses has seemed to transform magnanimously. The tools, softwares and applications are utilized to create an equilibrium of physical space and merged digital patterns. This has led to an overall increase in innovation-led productivity. The idea is simple- design a collection of office buildings with an urban fabric. The offices of tomorrow are linked with high networking systems, re-engineering employee interactions across various industries with a vision to improve everyone’s inputs.

Promote an encounter culture in people
The reason why working in encounter culture, such as modern-day commercial spaces is so beneficial is due to the alignment of digital work habits of employees and nuclear teams. When smaller teams come together from various knowledge fields to work in a common space, the encounter culture leads to an overall increase in employee satisfaction. By creating spaces to meet and greet, employees can grow their social circle with ease. As per several research studies, more than 80% of employees have observed an increase in building trust, self-confidence and overall sense of belonging through encounters in workspaces.

View workspaces as catalysts of growth
The CEO of the Norwegian telecommunications company, Telenor credits the design of the organization for making it a state-run monopoly to a multinational carrier with over 150 million subscribers. The workspace was a communication tool that accelerated goal achievement, fostered decision making and focused on space investment. But, it requires more than just a group of leaders to get there. The IT, Human Resources and administration services need to come together and understand how people work and then, reflect the same on workspaces through new design and management principles.

Today, there are plenty of factors that are indicative of what an ideal workspace would look like. Gathering momentum like never before, commercial workspaces like World Trade Center, Bengaluru are growing by leaps and bounds because their focus has shifted from where to how the work is done. Across the market, various industries are hosted by the Brigade group across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad to name a few. These spaces are designed with a vision to move beyond the closed cabins towards tomorrow’s workspaces.



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