Buckle up - The Year-End Bonanza is here!


Buckle up - The Year-End Bonanza is here!

November 21, 2018


As the year-end approaches, it is time to prepare ourselves for fresh opportunities and set life goals that help us grow. One such goal on every individual’s bucket list is buying a home. Whether it is as an investment to enjoy high returns or a security shield to safeguard your family, buying a home is nothing short of a milestone. Apart from being a huge emotional step, it is also one of the biggest financial decisions in an individual’s life that call for a lot of research and planning. Keeping the demands of potential home buyers in mind, Brigade Group is proud to announce the second edition of our Year End Bonanza with irresistible offers and a wide range of projects. Read on to know more!


All under one roof
Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking for a second real estate investment, buying a property is always a big deal. Once you decide on the basic factors like the budget you are opting for and the types of property you are interested in, you will have to make a multitude of site visits to various locations and make the right choice for a smart investment. However, with our most-anticipated year-end bonanza, everything is available under one roof, making the process of research and investigation much easier and quicker. All premium properties branded by the prestigious mark of Brigade will be showcased under one roof with irresistible offers. Whether you are looking for a quintessential villa for your extended family, a compact apartment that offers high rental returns or a gated community that focuses on senior living, we have it all.

Apart from various types of properties, potential homeowners can also choose between ready-to-move-in projects that have already received their certificate of occupancy or opt for new launches at discounted rates. Additionally, it is a great forum for home buyers to get a closer look at the upcoming projects located in the outskirts that are an ideal real estate investment deal.


Subvention schemes for easy payback
A home loan is the most preferred mode of payment for the majority of home buyers. Not only does it give them the opportunity to buy a home without feeling the burden of making a huge investment, but it also offers a multitude of tax benefits. One of the biggest USPs of Brigade’s Year-End Bonanza is the availability of subvention schemes that offers easy payback options for the buyer.

An interest subvention scheme is a payment method fixed between the developer, the buyer and the bank. In this scheme, the buyer pays a fraction of the property price to the developer as a down payment, and the rest of the amount is paid by the bank in the form of a loan to the buyer. However, the EMI amount against the loan will be paid by the developer instead of the investor until the completion of the property.


Benefits of subvention schemes
Interest subvention schemes provide a buyer-centric approach as the burden of paying the EMI against the home loan is uplifted till the construction of the property is completed. Apart from this, there are a few added benefits in favour of the buyer. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • It is the best option for home buyers who are paying rent as it eliminates the need to pay EMIs. Since these schemes are valid only on properties that are under construction, most home buyers will be living in rented properties till they get complete possession of their new home. With an interest subvention scheme, investors will not have to worry about the added expenditure of a recurring EMI amount, apart from monthly rent.
  • Since the developers pay the EMI against the home loan till completion of the project, it pushes them to complete construction within the projected time period. This also provides an assurance to home buyers that the construction will get completed on time, creating a win-win for both investors and developers.

After the much-needed RERA reforms, an interest subvention scheme is a next initiative introduced by the government that works in favour of the buyer. If you are planning to buy a home, make sure you are a part of the Year-End Bonanza brought to you by the Brigade Group and get one step closer to your dream home. 


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