Creating Productive Environments: Brigade Group's Impactful Commercial Properties


Creating Productive Environments: Brigade Group's Impactful Commercial Properties

November 07, 2023

In today's world, productivity and innovation are important. The way commercial projects are designed and function can make a big difference. In this blog, we will explore how Brigade Group has changed how people work in commercial spaces, making it better and more productive for professionals.

The Significance of Productive Environments

  • A well-organized workspace saves time and increases productivity.
  • Comfortable surroundings boost employee satisfaction and motivation.
  • Thoughtfully designed spaces encourage creativity and collaboration.
  • Ergonomic designs and natural light promote health and well-being.
  • Professional workspaces leave a positive impression on clients.
  • Productive environments give companies a competitive edge.

Brigade Group offers the ideal commercial workspace, aligning with these principles, and ensuring a thriving, efficient, and appealing environment for businesses and their teams.

Brigade Group: A Pioneer in Commercial Real Estate

Brigade Group is a leading force in India's real estate industry, known for its innovative approach to modern office spaces. With a strong presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, GIFT City-Gandhinagar, Trivandrum, and Mysore, we have a diverse portfolio of operational and ongoing commercial projects. Our expertise lies in creating workspaces that redefine industry standards and enhance productivity. Our commercial spaces are designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering sophistication, state-of-the-art technology, and unmatched convenience. If your company is looking to elevate your workspace experience, Brigade Group is the definitive choice, setting a benchmark for contemporary and forward-thinking office solutions.

Showcasing Impactful Commercial Projects

Brigade Tech Gardens, Bangalore

Brigade Tech Gardens is envisioned to be a unique, flexible, sustainable, and state-of-the-art workplace designed for contemporary businesses in the heart of Brookfield, Bangalore. Brigade Tech Gardens is a USGBC LEED Platinum-certified SEZ Development that offers commercial space for rent in Brookfield. Its status as one of the finest pieces of architectural brilliance sets it apart from its counterparts. It is spread across a floor plate area of approximately 3 million square feet. The property has a total of 6 world-class blocks, including a recreation block enclosed in similar structures as well.

World Trade Centre, Chennai

Joining the ranks of 334 WTCs present across the globe, WTC Chennai is one of the tallest commercial establishments in the city. This commercial space for rent in Perungudi, Chennai is a Grade A++ commercial development strategically located in the established IT hub on OMR pre-toll at Perungudi with an excellent frontage.

The fabulous architectural design at WTC Chennai is designed by HOK, the largest U.S.-based architecture engineering firm that has consistently been recognized as a leader in sustainable and high-performance design.


Brigade Deccan Heights, Bangalore

Brigade Deccan Heights Yeshwanthpur is the perfect destination for modern businesses to take the next step towards maximum productivity and success. With all the right elements coming together to enhance business potential, this is one of the most sought-after office spaces for Lease in Yeshwanthpur. Spread across 2.2 acres with a development area of 4,28,000 sq. ft, Brigade Deccan Heights is enclosed in a 2B+G+23 structure

Brigade Deccan Heights is a LEED Pre-gold certified building and is designed as per NBC and KFF norms.

Brigade International Financial Centre, Ahmedabad, and Gandhinagar

This commercial project by Brigade Group is strategically located in the financial hub of Gujarat. It offers grade 'A' office spaces with world-class amenities and a sustainable design. The project is a landmark destination in GIFT City - Gandhinagar.

The development has 100% centralized power backup, a district cooling system, sustainable water conservation technology, a double-height lobby, landscaped gardens, and an exquisite cafeteria. BIFC is an IGBC LEED Gold-certified building, assuring the highest level of Sustenance, quality, safety, and design.


World Trade Centre, Kochi

Brigade Group has developed the World Trade Centre in Infopark, Kochi—one of the premium office spaces with conference rooms, and business support services. The project aims to boost trade and investment in and around Kochi.

World Trade Center, Kochi is designed to be a world-class commercial complex. The complex also features a LEED-certified platinum building, making it one of the most sustainable commercial complexes in India.


Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Brigade Group, a leading real estate developer in the country, emphasizes sustainability and green initiatives in our commercial spaces. We incorporate energy-efficient technologies, use eco-friendly materials, and promote water and waste management systems. With a focus on creating healthy and sustainable work environments, Brigade Group strives to reduce the environmental impact of our commercial properties while enhancing the well-being of occupants.

Trends in Commercial Real Estate

Flexible Workspaces: With the rise of co-working spaces, remote work, and the gig economy, there has been an increasing demand for flexible workspaces that offer customizable configurations and lease terms. These spaces are also preferred for their amenities and community-driven culture.

Technology Integration: The industry is seeing a significant shift towards technology-enabled solutions that enhance tenant experiences, optimize building operations, improve security, and promote energy efficiency.

Suburban and Peripheral Locations: The urban centers of India are getting congested, and businesses are looking for alternative locations. Suburban and peripheral areas are becoming more attractive for their affordability, accessibility, and potential for growth.

Sustainability: The focus is shifting towards green buildings that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and promote employee health and productivity.

Mixed-Use Developments: This trend involves integrating multiple uses into a single property, such as retail, office, residential, and hospitality spaces, to provide a comprehensive and diversified experience for tenants and visitors. It offers convenience and improved efficiency while creating a sense of community.

Brigade Group, a leading real estate developer, acknowledges these trends and incorporates them into our commercial office spaces. Our commercial spaces for sale offer modern amenities, flexible layouts, and sustainable features, making them attractive options for businesses looking for a productive and environmentally friendly workspace.


In conclusion, having the right commercial workspace can greatly benefit businesses. It provides a professional setting that fosters productivity, collaboration, and innovation. By offering flexible lease options and modern amenities, these spaces open opportunities for businesses to thrive and grow. If you are looking for a commercial workspace that fosters productivity and offers modern amenities, consider Brigade Group. Visit our website to explore our range of commercial spaces available for lease. Start your journey towards a thriving and productive workspace today.


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