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9 best gardening tips for beginners

May 1, 2018

As the old saying goes – there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments! Gardening is like therapy for the soul, where you literally get back to the soothing roots of nature after a long day at work. From vibrant flowers to wholesome herbs, there are a plethora of plants you can choose from to make your little garden nothing less than a piece of heaven on earth. Read on for some easy gardening tips for beginners.

Start with the plants common in your locality
Every plant demands certain prerequisite weather conditions. While beginning your venture into gardening, it is always better to stick to the basics and opt for plants that are tuned to the tropical climatic conditions of our country. Lady’s fingers, onion leeks, lime, bougainvillaea and jasmine are few of the plants that are convenient to grow in India and delightful to watch.

Opt for an easy spot
Start small by choosing an easy spot for your garden. One of the most convenient places is a well-lit balcony space or a kitchen window ideal for a few potted plants. Ensure the area gets ample sunlight and is easy to access to water the plants every day. Additionally, you can strategically place the plants to border your balcony and create an intimate space of your own with an added focus on your privacy.

Choose vegetables and herbs over flowers
Though flowers are very pretty and appealing, opting for basic plants like herbs and vegetables is one of the go-to easy gardening tips for beginners. You can start with coriander, tomatoes, chillies or even carrots as they are compatible with Indian summers. These are low maintenance and help in keeping the grocery bill well within limits.

Keep the plants well-spaced
Think long-term and plan the spacing of your plants properly. It is always advisable to do some research and find out how tall or wide each plant will grow, so they do not hinder the growth of the other plants. It is also important to consider how deep the roots will go so you can accordingly opt for a pot or a well-fertilised piece of land.

Maintain a routine while watering them
There is no doubt that consistency is one of the basic factors when it comes to maintaining a garden. Make sure you water your plants on a daily basis and pour the same amount of water every day rather than drying them out and pouring excess water to make up for the skipped days. If you are heading out of town, ask your neighbour or friend to help you keep your plants hydrated. Remember, different plants require different amounts of water, so do your research thoroughly.

Plant in rich soil
Opt for soft soil which is packed with nutrients so the roots can penetrate easily and absorb enough minerals to grow. You can also boost your plant’s health by adding a liberal amount of wet waste compost in the soil. Also, if you are using potted plants, ensure there are holes in the base for the excess water to seep out. This will keep the soil fresh, aerated and is one of the easy gardening tips to maintain the health of your plants.

Start with premium seeds
Though it is easier to buy a sapling and nurture it to a completely grown plant in your garden, nothing beats the joy of watching your plant grow from a seed. Opt for high-quality seeds. These might be a little heavy on the pocket, but there is much more guarantee that the seed will grow into a sapling. Apart from being a wonder to watch, planting a seed and watering it every day till it blooms is also a great experiment for kids.

Don’t hesitate to decorate
Gardening is all about enjoying yourself. Don’t hesitate to spruce up your nursery with vibrant wallpapers, DIY ideas or striking collectables like colourful water cans, adorable hanging pots or even a cosy fountain. The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating tips and interior design concepts, and since you’re just beginning, you’ve got a beautiful journey ahead.

Be patient
All good things come to those who wait, and the rewarding hobby of gardening is no exception. Instead of waiting for your flowers to bloom, enjoy the experience of nurturing them every day. Do your part and let Mother Nature take care of the rest!

If you are planning to take up gardening as your next hobby, these easy gardening tips are guaranteed to give you the jump start you need. Being connected to nature is one of the best ways to stay grounded, and at Brigade we understand that. Head out to the Brigade Group today to find the ideal dream home for nature lovers


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