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Why should you have an Efficient/Well Designed office space for your business?

August 6, 2021

Having a well-designed office space is becoming increasingly important. Gone are the days, where an office space is considered as just 4 walls and tables. With time, workspaces have evolved in terms of design, architecture, interiors, more green space, and employee wellness.

Today choosing an office space, a lot of thought goes into connecting it to the brand values, have a creative environment, look at employee wellness and work-life balance.

Let’s investigate some perks of having an elegant or well-designed workspace,

Improves Productivity & Creativity
Employees spend maximum hours at office which makes it their second home. A good ambience certainly impacts their mood and productivity. An Office layout with enhanced ventilation efficient design, stylish décor and green elements etc. helps in fostering creativity & productivity of the team members. It also improves performance and the eagerness to return to work amongst employees.

Sitting at a desk for many hours can lead to various problems likes stiff necks/back and migraines. Hence choosing the right furniture is important to keep such health hang-ups at bay.

In recent times, organisation even choose resimercial design in their office spaces to give homey feel to their employees and to reduce their stress levels at work.

Look for an office space with good ventilation, enough natural lighting, better air quality and ergonomic design.

Brand Connect
A Good-looking office space reflects your brand and status of your organisation. They say, “The first impression is the best impression.” Every business has a story to tell. What is your story? Every part of your office should reflect warmth and brand values of your organisation.

As you step into your office, it should bring about a sense of positivity. Well-designed office spaces also help in attracting clients, new talents and speaks for itself.

Employee Well-being
The goal of every business owner is to create and maintain a productive workforce by adding new employees and retaining their best. Ergonomic office spaces help in boosting productivity of the employees.

Having an ergonomic and multi-functional furniture, spacious lounges, break out areas to unwind and better facilities at office spaces is also a vital aspect. These kind of set ups also act as mood booster.

Why choose Brigade Signature Towers in Bangalore
Brigade Signature Towers is a premium office space, located within an integrated enclave, Brigade Golden Triangle on Old Madras Road. It is an ideal choice for organizations as it comes with Grade A specifications. This building is built on the brand’s Inspire NXT philosophy to ensure maximum productivity for its occupants. It offers flexible office spaces, ample parking space, landscaped garden, and designed aesthetically to suit any business requirement.

It is IGBC Gold certified, which speaks high on sustainability. The office spaces have central air-conditioning, and the building has a zero-discharge waste design, rainwater harvesting and includes STP, WTP provisions.

If you are searching for an ideal Office space, Brigade Signature Towers is the right choice. It is strategically located on old madras road, close to Whitefield and International airport. It is very close to Budigere cross on NH-4, which is well connected to the Central Business District and rest of the city. It is also located close to the growing automobile hub of Hoskote industrial area, an upcoming locality for large auto manufacturing.

Get connected with Brigade Group to find a perfect office space in Bangalore that suits your budget and expectations. Are you ready to step into a new world?


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