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Brigade Tech Gardens New age workplace for new age workforce

May 18, 2018

Work Happy. Work Agile!
Brigade Tech Gardens, as the name itself suggests is a paradigm shift from the conventional workspace and ushers in a major transformation in office campuses. It might not be easy to imagine an ecosystem that blends nature and technology so seamlessly; well you don’t have to because this is a soon-to-become reality at Brookfield’s, Bangalore. Brigade Tech Gardens is specifically designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of world-class technology companies, who seek an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and also stimulates health & wellness.

The master plan of the project carefully integrates landscape and architecture in such beautiful harmony that one wouldn’t only be connected to work but also will be in tune with themselves here, in this perfect 21st-century workplace.


Brookfield’s - An Ideal setting
With numerous industry stalwarts already headquartered around the Whitefield and Brookfield’s micro markets, the geographic economy, accessibility, and future growth are already a given for Brigade Tech Garden. Here is why the location makes such a compelling story

Its proximity to the Outer Ring Road ensures effortless connectivity to the rest of the city

The area already has many established and prestigious schools, hospitals & malls

The upcoming Metro station around the corner – makes it really easy to hop on to the train and reach virtually any corner of the city, very fast.



Designed for the 21st-century workforce!
Today’s corporate world is all about leveraging strengths and gearing up for the next big surge, all the while being equipped to take on the rapidly changing business environment. Every organization aspires to develop the ability to elevate employee experience and for the flexibility to use modern technology easily for better business performances.

A creative working environment with a unique sense of energy is no longer just an idea or a concept; it will be a working reality at Brigade Tech Gardens. Right from the moment, you enter the campus you can expect to be engulfed by an energy that boosts collaboration and productivity. Let’s take a mid-day stroll at Brigade Tech gardens, for example, you can choose to do that either at a Breakout Zone or through Natural Environments, Water Elements, Seasonal Gardens, Colourful Vegetation or even through performance spaces. Can you imagine how these experiences can recharge you and get your creative juices flowing again? That’s the difference at Brigade Tech Garden when you compare it with common office complexes.

Apart from the green elements, the other unique features like the Collaborative Spaces, Shared Work Stations & Wireless Connections, that truly ring in urbanity & flexibility at every corner in this campus speak more and more of the increased productivity that one can expect.


It’s not just an office space it’s the future
If you think there can’t be more to an office campus than what you have heard already, well there are lots more. The large oval atriums of each block bring abundant natural light into each floor of the block, at the lobby level this oval feature provides for active central spaces and at the terrace level they interact with the green rooftop gardens, all in all they form breath-taking environs that encourage assimilation and connected to the natural world in a way, that is not seen commonly.

The shopping arcade will be more than just perfect for those who love some mid-day retail therapy in between work. After a day of energising work at the office, it is important to unwind, indulge, socialise and connect to another world. Not surprisingly, one won’t have to even step out to unwind, because Brigade Tech Gardens will bring together more than what you imagined, right where you work. Choose to hit the health club and workout a sweat or enjoy a night out with colleague & friends. The kind of hospitality and F&B options one would discover here will truly mesmerise the senses. From fine dining to ambient cafes, from healthy salad bars to world-cuisine, from 24X7 eateries to themed restaurants, there would be something for every mood and every palette!

Add to this Novotel Suites Serviced Apartments and a state of the art convention centre in the campus and you really are experiencing a work Eco space like no other.


Catering to the futuristic needs of today’s aspirational enterprises, Brigade Tech Gardens is setting the stage for a global business revolution right here in Bangalore. With a magnitude that’s never been seen before, everyone’s eye is pinned on the new horizons Brigade Tech Gardens and of course the slew of opportunities it will throw open. 


Incorporated in 1986, Brigade Group a leading real estate developer in South India headquartered in Bengaluru has branch offices across South India and a representative office in Dubai. Its diverse business portfolio spreads across residential, office, retail and hospitality domains. Brigade Group pioneered the concept of Integrated Lifestyle Enclaves in Bengaluru. These Integrated Enclaves are designed to be self-contained-communities with homes, offices, shopping spaces, entertainment facilities, recreational clubs, parks, schools and convention centres, everything that substantially enhances one’s quality of life.



A joint venture between Brigade Enterprises Limited and GIC Singapore, located in the centre of Bangalore’s IT corridor, will be Brigade’s Landmark IT SEZ project.

What does it mean to work at Brigade Tech Gardens?
URBAN: Trendy • Innovative • Open Spaces • Experiential
PRODUCTIVE: Ecological • Flexible • Evolving • 24/7
SOCIAL: Friendly • Interactive • Collective • Active
CULTURAL: Collaborative • Diverse • Healthy • Community

Key Features of the project:

  • Spread across 26 acres approximately
  • Approx. 3.2 millions Sft (2,78,709sq.m.) of development area
  • 6 World-Class office blocks with Grade A SEZ office
  • Platinum LEED Certified (Core& Shell)
  • Solar rooftop gardens & dedicated green wall
  • Efficient usage of natural light & terrain
  • Lush vegetation & gathering spaces on top of each office tower
  • Convention center and Amphitheatre
  • Separate block for recreational activity

Masterplan and concept design of Brigade Tech Gardens is done by NBBJ, Seattle,
USA - World-renowned architecture, planning and design firm. The firm has a long-standing history of transformational, “green” designs and is dedicated to actively pursuing sustainable solutions that contribute to a more
liveable world.



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