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Uplifting Sustainable Infrastructure in Bangalore

March 24, 2023

Urbanisation and modernisation have been continuously looked upon as villainous figures in the quest for sustainability. However, sustainable infrastructure has served to resolve this conflict and enabled cities to contribute to the cause of sustainability. From rainwater harvesting to hydroelectric power stations, the need of the hour is for developers to play their part in revoking the damage caused by rapid urban development on the environment. Today, the advent of a range of new and innovative technological solutions have enabled cities to become greener, smarter and more sustainable. One of such real estate developments like Brigade Valencia is developed keeping in mind the importance of sustainable infrastructure. 

While sustainability is often thought of in purely environmental terms, recent years have seen a shift towards an integrated vision for sustainability. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have served to redefine sustainability as a multidimensional concept, with social, environmental and economic aspects. Sustainable infrastructure is definitely on the rise in Bangalore, and for good reason, it offers a multitude of advantages on economic, social and environmental fronts.

Leaving a Green Footprint - Environmental Benefits

Sustainable infrastructure has served to become a catalyst for building climate resilience and enabling the reduction of our carbon footprint. A range of practices has been developed to contribute to greater environmental sustainability. Green streetscapes serve to enhance biodiversity, cleanse the air and create pleasant environments for residents. According to a survey by The New Climate Economy, urban planning that incorporates sustainable infrastructure could relieve the planet of 3.7 gigatons of CO2 per year over the next 15 years. From waste and water management to passive irrigation, the possibilities for environmental sustainability in urban infrastructure are truly endless!

Creating Sustainable Communities - Social Benefits

Community living is becoming increasingly attractive to residents today, and the presence of a wide range of amenities in community-based projects acts as the cherry on top.

Sustainable infrastructure too, can help enable residences to become better social spaces for all residents. Green environments encourage outdoor activity, which acts as an excellent opportunity to socialise and interact with fellow residents. Today, most sustainability practices in complexes are jointly managed by the residents themselves, thereby enhancing social responsibility. At the end of the day, creating a truly sustainable community is a joint venture, and sustainable infrastructure serves to generate avenues for residents to play their part.

Contributing to Economic Growth - Economic Benefits

One cannot ignore economic implications when considering the impact of urban planning interventions, and sustainable infrastructure is no exception. Fortunately, the benefits of sustainable infrastructure extend to this sphere as well. For instance, natural cooling mechanisms reduce the need for expensive temperature-regulatory instruments in residences. Green infrastructure further serves to increase the lifespan of grey infrastructures, such as basins and drainage pipes. By enhancing the aesthetic value of residences, sustainable infrastructure also improves urban projects' property value and marketability.

The dangers of climate change and environmental degradation are extremely consequential, and urban planning must reverse the damage before it is too late. At Brigade, we are firm believers in the need for sustainable infrastructure to create better living spaces for the present generation, while ensuring the preservation of our resources for the future. Our projects continuously strive to create sustainable practices – from incorporating gardens and green streetscapes in our projects to comprehensive water management practices. These enhance our residents' lifestyle while enabling us to play our part in combating the perils of environmental depletion. Sustainable living is no longer a choice but a necessity. It's time to reverse the damages caused by urbanisation on the environment by being a part of the solution, not the pollution!


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