5 environmental-friendly practices you need to follow this Ozone Day


5 environmental-friendly practices you need to follow this Ozone Day

September 14, 2018

As the saying goes – The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. Our quest to live a luxurious and comfortable life in a well-developed metropolitan city has unfortunately taken a toll on our environment, and it is now time for us to pay back. With Ozone Day approaching this September 16th, let’s take a look at the simple environmental-friendly practices we can incorporate in our daily lives to preserve the environment and go green.


Say no to paper
Gone are the days when we had to rely on papers to preserve bills or read the news. The advent of digital technology has not only given us the benefit of speed and convenience but has also provided us with the option of going paperless. Additionally, it is also simple to organise digital documents. They can also be retrieved on-the-go and have the advantage of cloud backup, which cannot be done with paper.

However, it is not only about buying paper; it is about using paper as well. Refrain from printing documents and always choose to send an e-copy instead. If you have to print, try using both sides of a paper to reduce the negative impact created on the environment. Also, start by replacing paper with cloth as much as possible. For example, use a tablecloth or a towel instead of reaching out to a tissue paper whenever you wash your hands. You will be amazed by the amount of money you are saving while reducing your carbon footprint.


Rethink your commute
Get back to the basics by walking or cycling to your destination. Not only will you be cutting back on the emission of harmful carbon and consumption of fossil fuel, but you will also save on transportation costs with no hassle of parking! If walking or cycling is not an option, try using public modes of transport, or carpool with your neighbours. It is also a good idea to club a group of errands together while heading out, so you do not have to make multiple trips to different localities. This saves money, the environment, and, most importantly, time.


Bid goodbye to plastic
Charity begins at home when it comes to saving the environment. Small changes like replacing plastic covers with cloth bags during your trip to the grocery store can go a long way. With around 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste being generated on an annual basis in India alone, it is time we play our role in preserving Mother Nature. You can also begin by consuming purified tap water instead of bottled water and using ceramic, glass or stainless steel crockery and cutlery. Go in for recyclable materials whenever you have the option. For example, a lot of cafeterias and eateries now offer cups and straws made of recyclable material. Play an active role in saving the environment and live in a clean and green manner.


Go organic
Processed food can be your worst enemy. Not only are they packed with artificial stimulants, but they also take up a lot of energy in production and fuel to get transported to the leading grocery outlets across the nation. Furthermore, they are already a deficit of natural nutrients by the time they are cooked and served on your plate, making it an empty meal to consume. Organic produce, on the other hand, is naturally grown with no fertilisers or other harmful chemicals. So give priority to the farmer’s market or a local grocery store over a commercial outlet. Get closer to nature by going back to its roots – literally!


Live green
What better way to give back to Mother Earth than by planting trees and living in dense greenery? Whether it is a terrace garden or a nursery in your balcony, go the extra “green” mile with gardening tips to create a positive impact on the environment. By going green, you will not only have a better quality of life with purified air and natural produce, but you will also have a breathtakingly beautiful spot to unwind in, which is priceless. Additionally, you can also segregate your waste between wet and dry bins and create compost for your plants, the eco-friendly way.

Living amidst lush greenery is everyone’s dream, but the concrete jungle around us makes us think otherwise. You could either upgrade your home with eco-friendly hacks or invest in a thoughtfully-designed home that gives you those benefits. Brigade Woods, for example, is a green oasis situated in Whitefield – one of the prime residential localities in Bangalore. With 17 different species of fauna and over 350 fully-grown trees in the campus, you can lead a lush life topped off with urban amenities. Furthermore, the smart townships in Brigade Orchards are built keeping sustainability and comfort in mind. This 130-acre haven offers its residents a rich life away from pollution and noise in the quaint neighbourhood of Devanahalli.

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