Office Layout Ideas To Build Company Culture


Office Layout Ideas To Build Company Culture

January 18, 2019

How an office is designed plays a major factor in the vibe of the space and also the motivation and productivity of the employees. Gone are the days of the cubicle system which allowed very minimal interaction and also restricted the flow of light and space. Now organizations are looking towards a more efficient and fun office layout which is a fine balance between professionalism and a casual vibe.

With the new year here, many companies are either moving to a new space or revamping their existing space to give their office layout a refreshing new look. Let’s look at some strategies to consider while revamping your office space:

1. Go Green

2121Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

The Journal of Experimental Psychology published a study that stated that bringing in more plants can increase workplace productivity by as much as 15% based on better perceived air quality, which in turn helps in increasing concentration levels and workplace satisfaction.

2. Let There Be (Natural) Light

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If lighting up the office brightly is your goal then the regular fluorescent lighting will suffice but according to a study by Northwestern University, employees who have little access to windows and natural daylight experience lesser sleep and hence lower productivity.

Bringing in more natural light can help alleviate mood, reduce stress and improve employees’ circadian rhythm aka the internal body clock. This, in turn, helps in a 40% boost in sales and productivity.

3. Add Some Colours

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Many organizations tend to have a lot of monochromes and white infrastructure. While aesthetically it is a good choice, it tends to negatively influence employees. Have a color theme in the office which suits the business to boost your employees’ spirit and overall mental being.

Looking for inspiration? You can look at some color therapy:
Red and Orange: For a healthy burst of energy and liveliness.
Yellow: For cheerfulness.
Blue, Green, and pastel shades: For the much-needed calmness in an otherwise stressful environment.

4. Get Collaborative

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Major organizations in the world are moving away from the traditional individual workspace culture and leaning towards a more collective model. This collaborative workspace is good if you want to boost team harmony and improve efficiency by distributing the workload by specialization.

Want some tips?
Have more wide open spaces, common gathering rooms, and get rid of partitions separating different departments.

These layout techniques have helped many major companies get the best out of their employees and helped them grow to the position they are in.

These techniques said, feel free to get creative, understand how your employees would like to design the space and create a workspace more suited to your business and team.


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