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The Perks of Living in Bangalore Outskirts Dommasandra

July 25, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a significant change in consumers’ real estate preferences. Affordability, a cleaner and greener environment and community bonhomie have become priorities for homebuyers. The lack of these elements made the days for people during the indefinite lockdown tougher and depressing. 

People are turning to Bengaluru’s suburbs that match their post-pandemic real-estate requirements and offer more. With the rapid infrastructure developments, the outskirts promise great return on investment (ROI), becoming the best place to live in Bengaluru.

Living in the suburbs does not deprive you of the urban comforts. In Bengaluru, the well-developed infrastructure and extensive social amenities bridge the gap between core city areas and outskirts. The connectivity along with several other factors make investing in the city suburbs a wise decision. Builders cashed in on this factor to develop plush properties like Brigade Sanctuary. It is an upcoming premium gated community built on over 14+ acres of land. Extensive green spaces combined with modern amenities promise a wholesome living experience in Brigade Sanctuary.

In this blog, we will explore the perks of living in the outskirts and how it offers a balanced and tranquil lifestyle.

Proximity to Prime Locations

Over the years, the suburbs have witnessed expansion of flyovers, major roadways and expressways linking the areas to the prime pockets of Bengaluru. For instance, the Sarjapur main road makes commuting easy from Dommasandra, a thriving suburb, to the rest of the city. 

The Outer Ring Road, NICE Road and the upcoming Peripheral Ring Road have made commuting between the outskirts and the city more convenient and time-efficient. 

The Indian Railways has partnered with the government of Karnataka to execute the proposed Bengaluru Suburban rail project which is slated to be completed by 2025. The project will link the four major corridors of the city — KSR Bengaluru City-Ramnagar, 

Yesvantpur-Channasandra, Kengeri-Whitefield and Heelalige-Baiyappanahalli. Infrastructure development projects like this further make it feasible to reside in the city outskirts.

In addition, well-established educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping malls and entertainment zones in the vicinity ensure that residents have easy access to essential services and recreational activities.

Influence of IT Giants

Motivated by the massive infrastructure development, IT giants are exploring Bengaluru's outskirts to open new offices and facilities. Lower land prices and availability have put the suburban areas on the priority lists of major companies looking to expand their footprint in the city.

As a result, Bengaluru's outskirts are suitable for residential projects and bustling business centres and IT parks. These business hubs further strengthen the appeal of the suburbs as a place to live, work and thrive.

Establishment of Residential Projects

Suburban areas started emerging as a residential hotspot since the day work-from-home culture became mainstream. Individuals found it a smarter idea to invest in housing complexes in the outskirts than paying rent for a place where they have no plans to settle. 

Builders grabbed this opportunity to quickly provide homebuyers with a remarkable selection of residential choices, encompassing apartments, gated communities and independent houses.

The explicit surge in the real estate value of areas like Dommasandra gave rise to contemporary housing complexes equipped with cutting-edge facilities. As a result, numerous individuals and families seeking a tranquil and hassle-free living experience have been enticed to invest in apartments in Dommasandra, away from the hectic pace of the city.

Expected ROI

From infrastructural growth to proximity to IT corridors, multiple factors contribute to the soaring property value of the outskirts.

Apartments or plots acquisition in the city centre entails a high initial investment. Sometimes, the lump sum money outweighs the return on investment prospects, particularly for the late millennials. 

On the contrary, acquiring land or an apartment in the suburbs is much cheaper. Factors like the presence of significant roadways, seamless connectivity to the city and upcoming premium residential projects, among others, contribute to the area's real estate worth. It creates quite a favourable scenario for buyers as they can expect a higher ROI from their property against a comparatively lower initial investment.

Peaceful Living

A peaceful neighbourhood with ample cover of greenery is a priority for most people. It is an aspect that is rare in the city, drawing people to the peripheral zones. 

The suburbia is characterised by abundant greenery and open spaces. The area usually has more gardens, parks and lanes lined with trees, making for a cleaner and healthier environment. Apart from heightening the aesthetics, green spaces provide the right setting for outdoor activities and leisurely walks.

The city margins are known for their better air quality, since they are not in the immediate vicinity of the industrial zones. The abundance of trees and vegetation in the area improves the overall air quality.

Unlike the congested city centre, peripheral zones like Dommasandra often offer larger living spaces, making it an attractive location for people with big families who prefer spacious and comfortable homes.

Better Quality of Life

Living in the suburbs can enhance your quality of life in many ways. The absence of city traffic and shorter commutes save a considerable amount of time that people can spend with their families and kin. They can also use the time to pursue hobbies.

The environment in the city fringes also fosters a close-knit community spirit. The residents often develop strong bonds with their neighbours, creating a friendly and supportive environment. The sense of belonging is more pronounced, with community events, cultural celebrations and festivals bringing people together. Activities conducted together enhance the overall social fabric and the quality of life.

Opportunity for Exploration

Suburban Bengaluru regions are highly coveted by those who want their weekends to be more than just partying at pubs, catching up with the latest Tinseltown releases or going on a shopping spree. 

Most peripheral areas are close to popular tourist destinations like Nandi Hills, Bannerghatta National Park, Sri Thirumalai Venkateshwara Swamy Temple, Bull Temple etc. People can plan a weekend getaway to these attractions at a moment's notice. A leisure drive to these places is among many bonuses that suburbs offer.


The city outskirts are ideal for those seeking a harmonious blend of urban conveniences and peaceful living. With their proximity to the city, these areas offer usual downtown hullabaloo without compromising on essential amenities. 

Bengaluru suburbs provide a conducive environment for a balanced lifestyle, ensuring residents enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether exploring scenic spots, residing in serene residential enclaves or thriving in the business hubs, the peripheral regions of the city beckon home hunters with their charm and accessibility.


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