Understanding the 3 types of office buildings


Understanding the 3 types of office buildings

June 29, 2023

It seems simple when it comes to investing in real estate and classifying them. But in fact, understanding the distinction between properties is one of the strongest means of navigating your search for your requirements. Based on location, amenities and rental rates, the properties go beyond the high-end “Class A” space versus the less priced. However, some spaces meet requirements from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Understanding the three types of real estate–
Beyond just physical attributes, these classifications reflect the social and financial values of different types of properties There is no real definition and it can be extremely ‘subjective’. Hence these value judgments are socially constructed and arbitrary and there is no inherent "betterness" in any of the spaces. There are 3 major types of real estate options and this blog will give you an understanding of each type.

When looking for professionally maintained spaces –
The most prestigious spaces compete as the creamy layer for premium customers. These buildings are also called ‘Grade A’ or ‘Class A’ properties, as these are the best options under any given real estate listing and are professionally maintained. These state-of-the-art properties have above-average rentals in any given location. They are designed with top-notch systems and a strong market presence. With a deep understanding of contemporary architecture, they are planned and designed with a mix of modernness and themes. Larger organisations, high-end residential properties, and 5-star hotels usually choose their properties in the upmarket category. These built-to-impress buildings are focused on individuals who consider premium status to be a valuable currency. Properties like Deccan Heights and Brigade Gateway are certified Grade A properties that enjoy premium locations and are considered to bring massive attention.

Do you have different requirements for your property?
Just because they are graded B, doesn’t make them any less competent. These commercial, residential and hospitality properties have stood the test of time with signs of slight traditionality. They offer a relaxed, comfortable, and functional setup without extravagant rent prices. The majority of customers consider Class B properties as a sustainable option. They are planned to be skyscrapers but have around 4-5 floors and are found in less premium locations or the end of widespread districts. While it may not have every up-to-date amenity, the overall experience of customers isn’t compromised. They are also known for their long-term client loyalty by constantly making room for functional improvements. For buyers who aren’t looking for flamboyant options but something well-designed, type-B buildings are a great choice.

Picking properties based on rental rates–
Depending on your preference for a given space be it commercial or residential, we have discussed what differentiates A from B. But if your decision-making is heavily driven by low feasible rental rates, then type-C buildings could be the best option for your compact office space. While this type of space comes with no-frills and basic amenities, they don’t deprive you of technologically driven systems completely. Alongside, the location would be around a not-so-desirable locality as they find it hard to compete with other premium properties.

Getting a commercial property –
In terms of commercial investment, if you own a business on the prowl for some workstations and supplies, this is your go-to office space. In case your requirement spans working from lively spaces that aren’t like strictly private office space, you can also look at flex spaces offered by Buzzworks that allow you to establish your presence parallel to other businesses without compromising on your basic work privacy.

The real estate classification is a highly significant concept that can help buyers to land in the right space. While this context varies from one geographic location to another, these spaces help accommodate every category of customer base with ease. If you are looking to upgrade your preference of space, Brigade properties are designed just for you.



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