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Why choose Brigade Triumph if you are looking for the best office space for sale or rent in Bangalore?

February 4, 2022

Commercial office space at a prime or convenient location is worth the investment. The office becomes accessible for clients, employees, partners, vendors, and suppliers. The locational advantage of a commercial office space enables the company to boost their business prospects. It instills confidence and trust in customers and stakeholders.

What to look for in a good office space in Bangalore?
Office spaces, commercial real estate for lease or rent have to be in a location that is accessible. The location can be reached using metro rail services, bus services, cabs, and autorickshaws from any part of the city. The place should have good road connectivity, so that people with their own vehicles can reach the location from various parts of the city. Ideally, the location should not have congested and traffic-ridden areas, frequent traffic snarls, and high pollution levels.

Your company could be a startup but it could be become an established company. The company might need hundreds and thousands of employees. Does the office space have the capacity to expand to on a such a large scale? Does the commercial office space for lease, rent or purchase provider have office spaces to accommodate varying capacities? If yes, then think of purchasing a commercial office space from this provider, alternatively, taking an office space on lease or rent is a good idea.

The infrastructure of an office space is more than just fast Internet connections or pantry services. It is also about having adequately furnished meeting rooms, postal services, telephone services, elevator services, facilities, seating, ergonomics, lighting, and the list goes on. Some other aspects to look out for before finalizing office space to rent or purchase are furniture, lighting, technology infrastructure, and break out areas. This is not an exhaustive list, but amongst the main aspects of a good office space.

A good office space is one that has good ambient lighting. It has good ventilation, well laid-out alleys, scientifically designed cubicle system, lounge areas, and more. The styling of an office space makes it appealing. People will enjoy coming here. Employees feel at ease while working in such a setting. Good styling, aesthetics, and décor automatically make the office space attain a setting that is congenial for collaborative work.

Why choose Brigade Triumph?
Trusted brand in Bangalore
Brigade Triumph is from Brigade Group – a trusted real-estate developer in Bangalore. This aspect makes Brigade Triumph amongst one of the most highly sought-after commercial office spaces in Bangalore.

The grade A commercial space for rent infrastructure comprises 2 basements, 1 ground floor, and 10 floors. Centralized air conditioning, 100% power supply with redundancy, passenger lifts, service lift, rain water harvesting, waste removal, cafeteria, lobby, and many more splendidly designed features are part of this impeccably developed office space rental.

The neighborhood of the location and the location itself is a prime commercial area. The potential of an investment in this area is huge. Investing in a Brigade Triumph office space will yield assured returns. Considering that this region is a confluence of several other regions of Bangalore, it is well-connected and one of the central business hubs of Bangalore.

Connectivity and location
Brigade Triumph is surrounded by Esteem Mall, Elements Mall, Columbia Asia Hospital, and Aster CMI Hospital to name a few of the well-known landmarks in Bangalore. The outer ring road is only a kilometer away. The International Airport is just a 45 minute commute from this location.

Ideal flexible environment for growing companies and multinationals
Companies - big, small, growing, establishing, and multinationals can use Brigade Triumph office spaces on rent or purchase Brigade Triumph office spaces. They will be ably supported by the flexible, customer-first, proactive, and dynamic service standards from Brigade Group commercial office rental properties administration.

Brigade Triumph has all the qualities of the perfect office space complex – excellent location, good connectivity, upbeat social surroundings, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a versatile office space model. Investing in a Brigade Triumph commercial office space is a wise investment to make on all counts and without contention.


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