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3 Ways to take your workspaces to the next level

May 29, 2023

Ever thought about what keeps a commercial office space in the good books of businesses? To maximize the benefits of a workspace, its services should be utilized to their fullest potential and upgraded from time to time. From design to future-proofing your workspaces, the planning must be from the ground up.

There is a strong correlation between vacant office spaces for sale and community building. The decline in the vibrancy of metropolitan areas is often related to a lack of belongingness or an exciting place to work in. On the other hand, impactful interior designs can pique interest in businesses around the city to augment the value of real estate within a region.

To advance your commercial property and help businesses make smarter decisions about choosing the right place to work, you need to consider the following starting now.

Building Community Camaraderie
Despite the overwhelming occupancy of lands by the retail sector, there are 2 major areas to focus on. First, the vacant ground floors and second, the dormancy of street-level activities. According to an article by Work Design Magazine, there is a co-dependent relationship between the retail sector and workspaces in metropolitan areas. Using a strategic approach, the overall community can be brought together with the effective interaction of property designers with the communities, local government, and property owners. The property planner can also conduct town halls, public work sessions and community surveys to estimate the best way to leverage land space which is the strongest challenge of inactive streetscapes and community needs. Understanding a region’s DNA is crucial to enhance the liveability and value of commercial real estate. Brigade Workspaces are here to deliver design solutions that can translate strategies into tactical implementations.

Choosing Urban Placemaking
When an office space is planned, designers play a vital role in infusing vibrancy by managing what’s brewing between the properties. The most popular urban work environments comprise work-and-play spaces such as parks or courts that can attract more eyeballs to a large set of users. This leads to a deeper analysis of all that’s missing to create a thoughtfully planned workspace. Placemaking is usually associated with practices of turning places into people-centric locations to foster an environment of healthy experiences, and dwell time to create memories, there is a bigger impact on enriching the experience of the existing workforce and the attention of new audiences. Hence, the strategy of restoring vibrancy should incorporate the environment and the above-mentioned DNA of surrounding properties for higher compatibility of audiences and workspace solutions. When a workspace is designed with finesse, it should simultaneously attract people for the purpose of spending time since any time for recreational purposes adds a nuance of human energy factor to boost the overall commercial real estate.

It’s time to future-proof!
With a dramatic increase in the modernization of urban spaces factors like technological advancement and the nomadic workforce have been majorly impacted. Hence, to bring in newer changes, the design of futuristic workspaces should be re-purposed. The designers can contribute in ways that help owners reposition and upgrade existing assets; add amenities to make assets more attractive to current tenants; and support vibrancy by re-thinking the integration of the building base and the public realm. In one word, be more flexible. Tenants are drawn towards certified premium workspaces that deliver efficient performance and sustainability. The design of a space is a game changer right from better lighting, ceiling heights, and flexible floor plans allowing customised furniture layouts and common spaces. In addition to this, the amenities are now re-defined beyond fitness areas and easy commutes. The urban workspaces aren’t defined by the number of perks but by how attuned the amenities are to the overall size & scale of the building.

In conclusion, if you are revamping or starting out, look for what is working in alignment with the tenant and your building. Clearly, design plays an important role in ensuring that new buildings can accommodate the space needs of the modern workplace. Workspaces by Brigade ensures that style meets functionality while trying to run successful businesses in the urban workspace sector. Our properties are spread across the nation to serve businesses from all industries and boost the overall employee satisfaction of the modern-day workforce.



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