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Navigating the modern hybrid workspace and culture

April 12, 2022

In recent years, the workspace and its culture have undergone a remarkable transformation. As per Robert Bailkoski, Forbes Council member’s recent article on Rethinking Workspaces ‘The hybrid working model has prompted people to consider commute time and the purpose of a workspace’. (1) Today, it is not the workspace but rather the working environment that provides purpose. Hence companies need to reassess how they view productivity.

Here are some variables to be considered by modern workspaces in 2022

1. Adaptability to modern working models

Whether it's full-time or hybrid, the modern workspace is expected to accommodate all. According to recent research by Nicolas Bloom for Stanford University “Hybrid arrangements balance the benefits of being in the office in person — greater ability to collaborate, innovate and build a culture — with the benefits of quiet and the lack of commuting that come from working from home.” (2) The employees are increasingly opting for a flexible model to suit their lifestyle and achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

A hybrid workspace is not a smaller workspace, but an optimised workspace. A few changes can make all the difference in the modern workspace.

  • Furniture that can be easily moved to create collaborative spaces.
  • Reconfiguring spaces to make social areas and meeting areas designed to connect with staff working remotely.
  • Having Wi-Fi-enabled collaboration zones where employees can communicate with remote employees could be highly effective.
  • This brings us to the next important factor - digital connectivity.

2. Thinking forward digitally

The hybrid working model aims at creating an environment that is free from physical and social barriers.

  • To achieve a proper hybrid working model the workspace needs to have a functioning wi-fi connection.
  • It is also important for organizations to make sure that their employees have adequate technical and digital capabilities to be able to work from any location.
  • To ensure a seamless workday between physically present and remote employees, hybrid working models require companies to claim digital spaces.
    Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and other cloud-based, agile software solutions can enhance business outcomes significantly. (3) Digital effects must be incorporated into the workplace for an efficient and productive day. When it comes to the hybrid working model, employers must keep communication between team members a priority.

3. Employer-Employee collaboration

Communication is key to a hybrid model, especially between employers and employees. Companies should aim to make an educated decision based on what their employees need. Collaborative decision making will be necessary when it comes to deciding the most suitable hybrid working model for your team. To rethink the modern workplace, employers and employees will need to experiment and come to a consensus about what works best for them individually. In addition to experimenting, employees and employers will need to collaborate to determine what is the most effective approach.
The hybrid working model allows innovations in all shapes and forms. Working from a workspace allows one to collaborate, encourages creativity, and engages socially. On the other hand, working from home can be beneficial for quieter activities, like analysing data, writing and reports.
To make the most of a hybrid working model, companies have to find new creative ways to embrace change.
Brigade believes that a team should have access to modern infrastructure, a versatile working environment, and a work environment that caters to their preferred work styles.


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