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Prevent Work Burnouts By Spending More Time With Your Family

February 18, 2019

We are all aware of a term commonly used when describing the current social scenario - rat race! And it is true. People are moving at breakneck speed and dealing with cutthroat competition, always trying to top the last goal and it is never-ending. This obsession of going above and beyond the last achievement is making people dedicate their entire time to their work and that leaves very little time for their families or even themselves.

While we are all doing a great job and going out of our way to exceed expectations, we don't realize that we are headed towards the inevitable burnout! To put it in plain terms, burnout is a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion which comes about due to a long term and unhealthy involvement towards a cause.

There is always an emphasis on maintaining a ‘work-life’ balance in the corporate world & while there are many ways to maintain it, we want to shed light on one specific method (and may we say, the most effective!). Spending time with your family and doing more activities with them is one of the sure fire ways to avoid burnout!

You are refreshed and hence more focussed.
Spending some quality time with your family is a much-needed break from the constant numbers and strategies you face at work. A change of scene and a change of conversation helps in keeping your mind focused when you are back at work.

A fresh perspective.
When you interact with members of your family (like your parents, siblings or even your spouse), you are communicating with a lot of different mindsets which gives you a better perspective on how you can handle certain projects at the office. This fresh perspective allows you to deal with different situations in a refined manner & allows you to clear your mind of a block that you may have been facing lately at work.

You are better adjusted to teamwork.
Your family is the first ‘team unit’ you interact with and are constantly interacting with them as a team member. This helps you be more compassionate and hence help with team building skills at work. This, in turn, creates a healthy atmosphere at work where you work better with the team where you share the load and aren’t too stressed.

Hence, while you are at work killing it with targets and strategies, always try to maintain a balance between work and life and help yourself grow to not only be a better person but also add great value to your organization! 


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