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RERA’s Impact on Real Estate Dynamics & Homeownership

April 1, 2024

The aspirational journey of home ownership is riddled with a maze of uncertainties. For this dream to find a sturdy foundation, the role played by trust and transparency cannot be overlooked. Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) emerged as a response to navigate the challenges and complexities of real estate transactions. The introduction of RERA provisions for homebuyers upheld transparency, accountability and consumer empowerment in the real estate realm.

The Parliament sanctioned the RERA Act in 2016 and its enforcement officially commenced on May 1, 2017. Since then, RERA has significantly transformed the Indian real estate market. This is a game-changer for first-time homebuyers, providing them with the assurance needed to make well-informed decisions. The RERA homebuyer policy has been implemented in many regions and countries across the globe.

Objectives of RERA

With the introduction of RERA, both buyers and developers are bound by the regulatory authority to adhere to predefined norms and guidelines. This helps to create a more balanced environment in the real estate sector, one that is characterised by trust and credibility. 

The main objective of RERA for homebuyers is to bring about positive changes for both developers and buyers in the real estate landscape.

  • TransparencyRERA homebuyer rules aim to foster a culture of openness and transparency. All RERA-registered developers are directed to provide accurate information about their projects so homebuyers can make crucial investment decisions. Everything from project approvals, timelines, financial matters to changes made during the project course ought to be communicated with clarity from start to finish.
  • Accountability – As per the RERA homebuyer agreement, developers are bound by a framework of accountability. Sticking to project timelines and commitments should be as per the plan and as communicated to the regulatory authority and buyers. RERA instills a sense of responsibility into the real estate ecosystem.
  • Consumer Protection – With RERA, there is a surety that the rights and interests of homebuyers will be safeguarded. The regulatory body acts as a mediator to protect consumers from malicious or unfair practices, misleading advertisements or project delays.
  • Standardisation of Practices – The RERA guidelines for buyers help to standardise real estate business practices, bringing consistency and credibility across the sector. RERA demands that developers abide by a set of guidelines for everything from the format of sale agreements to fund usage.
  • Dispute Resolution – There is a dedicated appellate tribunal under RERA to address grievances and disputes in a fair and timely manner. RERA reduces the burden on traditional courts and encourages buyers to invest in projects with confidence.

RERA Impact on Developers

Since the introduction of RERA, real estate developers are steered towards ensuring that professionalism, quality and timely delivery are prioritised. The regulatory authority has no doubt significantly influenced the conduct, methodologies and accountability within the industry. RERA has acted as a catalyst to make way for meticulous project planning and enhanced quality of construction. Special care is taken by them to stay away from penalties or damage to their reputation of any sort.

The overall efficiency of the sector has improved with developers strictly adhering to the committed project deadlines. RERA’s financial regulations mandate that funds are allocated and utilised more judiciously. The mandatory regular project updates, changes in building plans and any modifications foster a healthy relationship between all the stakeholders involved.


The impact of homebuyers' RERA extends beyond individual projects and to the overall stability of the real estate market. RERA mandates developer accountability minimising the risk of abrupt market fluctuations. Thereby ensuring a more predictable environment with stable property prices and demands. This symbiotic relationship benefits both buyers and real estate stakeholders.

RERA elevates industry standards and lays the foundation for a resilient real estate market with a bright future. Brigade Group has a strong track record of developing and delivering high-quality real estate projects compliant with RERA regulations. Explore the latest RERA-approved projects of Brigade Group.


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