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Top 9 Budgeting & Financial planning apps for 2018

May 22, 2018

The world is as marvellous a place to explore, experience and cherish all the joys of life, as it is difficult and bound to certain key parameters that influence and impact our lives. One such important parameter, if not the most important, is money; and how well we manage our money often determines how good or bad a life we could be living.

In today’s world, planning our finances and setting budgets or assessing our budgets against our expenditures and general spending trends, are of prime importance in chalking out our lives. Whether you are a first-time home buyer in India or saving to make the right choice between apartments and villas, a budgeting and financial planning tool is indispensable.

Thankfully, there are a host of amazingly useful tools, in the form of great mobile applications that will more than help you get by. Here is a descriptive list of the nine best expense manager apps of 2018, based on the benefits drawn by the number of active users, and their overall ratings and reviews over time:


Money Manager
Arguably, the numero uno amongst all the best expense manager apps, Money Manager boasts of a staggering 10 million users, while featuring state-of-the-art financial planning, review, expense tracking and personal asset management, with a continually improving product for existing and potential users. It also features a much-sought-after credit/debit card management function - an absolute necessity in today’s demanding world.


Revered and used by 1,000,000- 5,000,000 people around the globe, Goodbudget is a money management and expense tracking application, which is an amazing tool for home budget planning. It has easy, real-time tracking, and it can sync across Android, iPhone, and the web to share your budget with your financial cohorts.


Trusted by around 1,000,000 people, Spendee is a superb support system for tracking your finances. It is not just a great personal finance tracker, but also an ideal household planning manager. You can track your personal and family expenses manually or securely connect your bank account for essential transaction tracking of your income and expenses. You can set budget goals, see detailed infographics of your expense analysis, set reminders for bill payments, set different choices of currencies and even create shared wallets with friends and family.


Expensify—Expense Reports
Once called upon by Forbes as one of the hottest startups, and currently having over 5 million active users, Expensify is a super-efficient expense management tool, with its primary focus over expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Expensify provides the perfect amount of resources in order to streamline expenses along with nifty expense reports. This aids significantly in your overall budgeting and, therefore, in achieving your goals.


With around 5 million active users, and being the editors’ choice amongst best expense manager apps around the world, Monefy is your perfect guide to manage your expenses. With a host of customizable features, providing one of the best user experiences, Monefy also lets you share your expense tracker with your family member or significant other.


Mvelopes is a unique and superbly effective budget management tool, that lets users plan, budget and put money in virtual envelopes in (almost) real time. It helps in making informed budgeting decisions, especially for future planning. You can also track your bank accounts and credit card balances alongside


YNAB—Budget, Personal Finance (Previously YNAB Classic)
YNAB is a very focused personal financial planner, with the main objective of reducing your debts, removing your salary-to-salary cycle dependency, and empowering you with clear analysis and goals. It also comes with free, live workshops every week that keep motivating you, while giving invaluable tips for your financial standing.


With a simple and user-friendly look and feel, Fudget offers budget and expense tracking to the common man. Packed with all the contemporary budget tracking features, Fudget is also powered with a database to store all your financial records on the go. This is exactly what the personal finance management cum budgeting doctor had ordered.


Home Budget
A comprehensive expense tracking tool, HomeBudget is aimed at tracking all your income, expenses, bills, and account balances, providing smart analytics. It has a unique feature called Family Sync, which lets a group of people, with individual devices, within a household, to share their income and expense details, helping them manage their unified budget as a cohesive unit.

If you haven’t saved enough for that dream home, maybe it’s time to use these best expense manager apps to manage your money, plan your budget and inch towards your goals of buying that coveted home for you and your family. Make sure you head out to Brigade Group for luxurious developments in the top residential localities of Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai and other leading cities of India. 


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